Go Scott Walker!

Scott Walker defeated a Democrat Governor in a blue state. Scott Walker chose to take his state’s economy out of a tail spin by fighting back against the Unions who were choking the life out of the economy. Not liking that the union bosses fought back (as is their right).

They lost…Scott Won!

I just took a lap of the lefty blogs. Most are silent (where they would otherwise be doing a victory lap) some are pouting. I’m smiling!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Penigma is crying foul in an article written by Dog Gone. She’s claiming that the election was stolen, although that was quite an achievement, if true, since Walker won by a solid margin, according to the latest numbers that I’ve seen. I’m particularly amused since she was predicting that he’d be defeated by those who were against the creation of a shall-issue concealed carry licensing system in the state.

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    This is good new in another way- Gov. Walker is all about cutting, reducing, and pushing back the size of government. That this message is winning in Big Blue Weskaahnsin sends a message to the Republicans at large: This is what people want, NOT the “ole-do-what-the-Dems-do-but-with-a-Regan-sticker-on-it” we have seen before.

    If Mittens can do what Scott did on a national level, he would join Regan in the Parthenon of Great Presidents.

    • Jack says:

      And if wishes were horses we’d all be eating steak.

      That said, Mitt wants to win. So, I wouldn’t put it past him to say the right words. Also Mitt is pretty competent, so he would be watching Walker’s victory against Big Blue and Big Labor and talking notes.

      Course, wanting to win and competence aren’t good traits in a technocratic statist.

      But hey, least the hippies and MSNBC cried.

      I also loved Downie Debbie’s claim that yesterday sent Walker “a message”.

      Yup, because nothing tells a politician to change course like being the first sitting govenor to defeat a recall challenge, and do so by a wider margian than his initial election.

      That’ll show him!

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