Great Epilepsy Post

Christina pointed this post on epilepsy out to me. Go read the whole thing, not much else I can comment on, except that he’s dead on!

Yep, anti-convulsive medications are indeed sedative that target the whole brain, rather than just the diseased part of the brain, or the seizure complex. When Mrs. Weer’d was on her highest Epilepsy medication doses she’d sleep 9-10 hours a day and tire easily. Of course when she was on that high a dose she was also having regular seizures which are both tiring and cognitively disruptive. There were also times when she’d be very mentally slow and forgetful, and it’s believed those times were also just very minor seizures running in the background of her mind.

Post surgery and now on a very low dose she’s as close to normal as anybody can be….well for anybody who’s married to my crazy ass!

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