Grumble Mutter….Massachusetts Bastards!

Faaaaak Oleg has some pretty pictures. Turns out they make them for FALs

DO WANT! They’re a bit spendy, but I don’t need to have that debate, as they’re Illegal in Massachusetts 🙁



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  1. Wally says:

    you know there are preban G3 drums out there…

  2. McThag says:

    “Note: Requires unbolting your BHO device on your gun.”

    I live where the debate is valid.

    $270 to replace 2.5 $20 magazines and make an undesirable change to the gun?

    OK, it’s not really much of a debate. The bolt hold open is an important feature that I went out of my way to add to my L1A1, so it’s not likely I’d be removing it just for cool factor.

    YMMV but it shows that it’s not designed for an FAL even if they modified their drum to work in an FAL.

    • McThag says:

      Dear departed L1A1, I should say. The SA-58 came with the BHO.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Actually you’d be the one to ask about this. The first video mentions that the drum does work with an L1A1 BHO, just not a metric pattern BHO.

        I assume because of the single-stack feed design that’s why the bolt doesn’t hold open on the last round of the drum, but can I assume when one were to transition to a standard metric mag on an FAL pattern with an L1A1 BHO the gun would function as normal?

        Or does it mean that my FAL doesn’t have a standard L1A1 BHO?

        • McThag says:

          The bolt hold open on an L1A1 lacks the little pin that’s engaged by the follower when the last round is ejected.

          Most every other FAL has such a pin. The BHO is a part that is sort of interchangeable between Inch and Metric guns. Inch guns can take a metric BHO, but most metric guns can’t take an inch one. But the engagement pin is just a pin so you could remove it and get the same effect as an Inch one.

          If it’s as simple as your BHO can’t have the pin, then it’s not near so bad. If the whole thing must be removed… Ick.

          I notice that they’re making a drum for 6.8 AR’s. A lot more temptation for me with that one.

          • Weerd Beard says:

            my Franken L1A1 locks open on the last round. I know it has the L1A1 mag release, which I prefer (and the folding charging handle, which I don’t) but the century freak-receiver I have takes metric mags (thank god) but inch furniture.

            Does that mean if the bolt locks back its a metric BHO? And if the BHO doesn’t lock back on the last round, what’s the point in having the lever there at all?

          • McThag says:

            That was my thinking.

            The Brits removed that pin to keep crud out of the the action as part of their “desertification” process that included the sand cuts in various places thanks to testing in Sudan.

            Thankfully I don’t live in a desert.

            Your lower should be a modified (by angry beavers) to take a thumbhole genuine Brit lower. The upper doesn’t care what handguards are on it, those are interchangeable.

            I prefer the brit mag release too, not sure if it exchanges.

            I think you can put a pin into a standard Brit BHO and restore functionality to it.

          • Weerd Beard says:

            I believe the L1A1 Mag paddle is interchangeable with the metric-pattern mag release

  3. Jay G. says:

    If it helps lessen the sting, I have some pre-ban 20s for you.

    I’ll give them to you at your range the next time we get together before CO… 🙂

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