“Gun Death” Another Monster

There are monsters among us, and they don’t need guns!

The 19-year-old San Antonio man who police say fatally attacked his sleeping father with an ax, began to “smile and laugh” at his booking when he overheard why he was arrested, MySanAntonio.com reported, citing a police report.

Now obviously this is in the “Gun Death” files, so it doesn’t matter what gun control we have, as he didn’t use a gun. Still there are monsters among us like this who will brutally murder a helpless person for an unknown reason, and have a good laugh at it. Some people will commit acts like this with a gun. Do you think by taking guns away from lawful citizens will stop them? Not only from getting guns if that’s their prerogative, but from picking other means of murder that are more easily accessible?

Also when confronted by a laughing axe murderer, what do you want to have, a cell phone to call 911, or a gun to STOP the attack?


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