The Specter of Gun Control

This post is getting some great comments.

A little inside baseball for Weer’d world, but great comments and discussion are why I blog. I want to distribute information where people can find it, and discuss stuff. Thanks guys.

So this discussion of the New York Straw buyer is getting me thinking of the paranoia anti-gun freaks are pushing.

So we have a story of a woman buying a bunch of guns for an ex-con looking to cause some mayhem.

But there are some instances that came up that COULD be called a “Straw Buy”, but frankly aren’t. Things like parents buying their kid their first .22 youth model. Buying that special someone in your life a nice carry gun they’ve had their eyes on.

There is nothing sinister in this, and if you know the person well enough to know they’ll pass a NICS its not a straw buy. Its no different than selling, trading, or giving off other pieces of property. The duration its in your possession is irrelevant.

Same goes for private sales. The antis like to paint pictures of people selling guns out of the trunk of a car in a shady alley, but really we’re talking about people horse-trading, or looking to get the best price for unwanted items.

Another great example is “May Issue” permits. The antis paint the picture of a police chief doing a good look over of permits, and denying shady characters up to no good. Really its grounds for blanket denials, or a way for the chief to deny groups or individuals they don’t personally like.

The big elephant in the room is that gun control simply bans a ton of honest and wholesome behaviors for the HOPES that it’ll stop a criminal.

Of course the gang bangers stuff a stolen gun in their pants without concern for permits. Its not like they have an FDA permit for those drugs they’re selling either! The stolen guns are indeed being sold out of the trunk of cars or in flophouses, laws be damned.

So in the end its bad justice. People committing crimes because they want to surprise their wife or friend with that gun they always wanted, or for somebody who’s selling off guns because they need money and would rather not pay a gun store employee when they know people directly, and personally. And of course backwards police denying permits for people who are the wrong color, or are refusing to respect their abuse of authority.

This is what we fight against!

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4 Responses to The Specter of Gun Control

  1. Mav says:

    Have you seen this article?

    Is there anyone on your list who could break the numbers down into actual homicides, accidents, defensive gun use, etc and then compare them to similar forms of death? I’ll bet the number killed by drunk drivers in the same period is staggeringly huge in comparison.

    Anyway, this is the kinds of scaremongering we’re fighting against. It does have some interesting information but it’s hardly complete.


  2. Old NFO says:

    You can go into the ‘bad’ section of any major city or big town and buy a gun in 15 minutes or less, with ammo and be back on the road…

    Friend of mine, just to prove a point, did that earlier this year in Jacksonville, bought a MAC-10 and two full mags for $500 cash on the barrel.

    Just sayin…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I hope your friend had an FFL discretely check the ATF records just in case he gets stuck with a stolen gun.

      Still my only reservation is if I had my gun stolen I’d want it back. Better it be in the hands of a good guy than the crooks who ripped it off!

  3. Formynder says:

    It’s funny how groups like the ACLU and others who tend towards anti-freedom viewpoints have no problem with may issue permits but would riot over may-vote permits. And being able to protect yourself is an even more fundamental right than getting to vote.

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