“Gun Death” Box Cutter

A box cutter is one of those tools. Many people have them, and businesses that need to open boxes tend to issue them to employees. They’re nice because they’re good at opening boxes, but are generally safer than knives. But then again, as we learned on the September 11th attacks they can also be used as weapons.

A South Korean man was arrested after allegedly attacking subway passengers with a box-cutter, injuring seven of them, police said.

The man, identified by his family name Yoo, was heading from Euijeongbu to Seoul when the incident happened, Yonhap news agency reported Saturday.

South Korea has a very low “Gun Death” rate…..but we NEED box cutters, so maybe we should just ban boxes???

h/t Maddmedic

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  1. Roadkill says:

    A funny thing. A box cutter in the hands of an experienced retail stocker is really a very formidable thing. Consider how many boxes get opened and how fast they can work without cutting themselves. Ghurka’s are usually not trained in fighting techniques with their Kukris, but rather they rely on the lifetime use of it as a tool. Maybe I need to be carrying a Todd Begg Kiridashi, it is rather close to what I’m used to.

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