“Gun Death” British Self Defense

When guns are banned people can’t defend themselves with guns.

With his six-foot spear in hand, medieval warrior Neil Ashton prepared for battle against the two attackers.

They had attacked his base out-of-the-blue, and with no-one around to provide backup, the lone player grabbed the nearest weapon and went on the offensive.

But this was not role-play, this was real life, and re-enactment fan Neil was face-to-face with two robbers who had come to raid the Sandbrook pub in Rochdale.

Pub manager Neil, 35, was in his flat above the Sandbrook last Friday night, when the men started climbing in his window.

Neil ran to tackle the intruders – and then spotted one of his spears out of the corner of his eye.

Neil said: ‘I do a lot of medieval re-enactments and noticed one of the spears on the floor, so I picked it up and started smashing him with it.

Some claim that banning guns is the more civilized thing to do. Of course they won’t admit that they are against self defense, or in some case they ARE for self just they don’t like guns. Still do do think fighting off attackers with a spear is a civilized thing? I think the gun is civilization, and those who ban modern tools are nothing short of Luddites looking to revert humans to their primitive roots.

Those who use the metric of “Gun Death” are simply saying that the Dark Ages were the Good-Old-Days. I disagree!

h/t Erin

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Since I teach the literature of the period, this has a lot of appeal to me, but what the gun grabbers really want is pacifism.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Remember the old saying “Any Gun beats a Sharp Pointed Stick?” Well, there’s Pointed Sticks and there’s Pointed Sticks! Of course, those of us who know that Bayonets are still a Viable Option in the 21st. Century can have the best of both worlds!

  3. MAJ Mike says:

    Heh! As a retired History teacher, I have a replica Roman pilum and a replica Greek hoplite spear. They could serve as back-up if/when the Mossburg 500 riot gun goes dry.

  4. Tio Volatito says:

    Wait a second, he ran to tackle the intruders? What about his duty to retreat? And then he picks up a lethal weapon and starts smashing one with it!?! And then the detective basically absolves him of guilt!?!?! Sounds like rule of law is all but gone in jolly olde England. But maybe the would-be robbers can sue his little pub right out from under his role-playing arse with the help of a Brady Campaign lawyer.

  5. Lissa says:

    … you know the spear-wielder is probably going to jail, right?

    • Tio Volatito says:

      Of course. He should have secured his windows with impenetrable locks. He shouldn’t have had such tempting money or ale in his pub. And by not calling the police immediately, and taking care of the problem himself, he put public servants’ jobs at risk. Jail time, plus the cost of psychiatric care for the robbers.

      This is a perfect example, though, of why gun rights opponents are so elitist. Put a gun in the pub owners hands, and they would be shrieking about the dangers of vigilantism. But because he was physically fit enough to be able to use his fists and a spear, well, that’s wonderful! See? He didn’t need a gun! And neither do you! And if you’re too weak to do that? Well, that’s your problem.

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