“Gun Death” Road Rage

Remember when we legalize conceal carry people will kill each other over fender benders!

The case of a Houston man who died after a post-fender-bender fight along the Gulf Freeway Monday will be referred to a grand jury, investigators said Tuesday…The 28-year-old said Welton kept punching him, but he managed to get the elder man in a headlock.

He held Welton in the headlock until officers arrived.

As police tried to separate the men, they noticed Welton was having trouble breathing.

He was taken to the hospital via ground ambulance, where he died.

Well the answer to this is licensing…..uh people? Both people were licensed to drive. Fighting is illegal, and certainly killing somebody over a car wreck is illegal. This isn’t a “Gun Death”, so I guess we should just ignore it, right?

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties and 45er

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  2. kfg says:

    “Well the answer to this is licensing…..uh people?”

    They’ve already thought of that.

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