“Gun Death” Crazy Nurse

This one is freaky!

Paramedics were making so many trips to a dialysis clinic in the East Texas city of Lufkin, a top fire department official wrote an anonymous letter to state health department inspectors pleading for somebody to take a look at the place….On Monday, Kimberly Saenz, a 38-year-old nurse who worked at the clinic, was set to face trial for one count of capital murder that accuses her of killing as many as five patients and five counts of aggravated assault for injuring five others…A year later, an indictment listed sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, as her “deadly weapon” that killed the five, including Rhone and Risinger. The disinfectant is a normal cleaning solution used at medical facilities like the dialysis clinic where Saenz worked as a licensed vocational nurse, an entry-level health care position.

Strange case, no convictions, no motive. Who knows, but bleach is a VERY poisonous chemical and would do the trick.

But it isn’t a gun, so no “Gun Death”.

h/t Barron

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