“Gun Death” Eating His Lunch

Can’t Compare guns with cars!

An elderly man was killed in downtown Manhattan Thursday after an SUV slammed into him and pinned him against a wall, authorities and witnesses said.

Because “Progressives” drive cars, but don’t own or carry guns, so only “Gun Deaths” count. Your life is only significant if it suits their selfish needs!

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  1. Jack says:

    I will note that the writing still blames the SUV as if it were some sort of wild creature capable of acting of its own volition.

    Now if the wild SUV had continued its rampage and the police were called in to stop it, and a portion of their shots had missed and injured people *then* it could be a gun death.

    (Not to say the police would be negligent, or not. Again for it to be Gun Death it doesn’t matter. All that’s required is blood to dance in and a gun somewhere)

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