“Gun Death” Explosion

Pretty amazing mass murder here

Days after a judge ruled against him in a child custody hearing, a father and his two young sons were killed Sunday when police said he appeared to intentionally blow up a house with all three inside — a tragic ending to a bizarre case that began more than two years ago when the man’s wife went mysteriously missing in Utah….The social worker called her supervisors to report that she could smell gas, and moments later the home exploded.

Sgt. Ed Troyer, Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman, said emails that Powell sent authorities seemed to confirm that Powell planned the deadly blast. Troyer didn’t elaborate on the contents of the emails, but said they make police believe “this is intentional, this is planned.”

My house has natural gas, and I use a gas grill to cook. I don’t remember ever having to pass a background check or even show ID. Doesn’t sound like Common Sense. Can we think of the children? If it saves just one life….


h/t Janelle, Tango, and Les

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  1. RWC says:

    He also took a hatchet to them. Again, no background check for a tool.

    And there is no telling what he used on his wife since the body was never found.

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