If Guns Were Like Cars…

A Local News Story got me thinking on how the anti-rights people view guns.

A worker at a Springfield convenience store says he would probably be dead if he hadn’t moved just seconds before an SUV came crashing through the window.

Jermaine Adorno says he was mopping the floor in the 7-Eleven at about 1:45 a.m. Monday when the vehicle flew through the window where it got lodged with its front tire resting on the counter.

Pretty Scary! And of course we know that vehicle accidents are the #1 violent and accidental cause of death in America. Let’s look at THIS vehicle.

The driver, identified by police as a 26-year-old Fabricio Maradiaga of Hartford, Conn., was taken to the hospital after the crash. Police say he is expected to face charges of drunken driving, speeding, and driving without a license. Police say there we no skid marks in the store parking lot.

OK so first Massachusetts is one of those states that have “Safe Storage” laws of cars. A Neighbor of mine was actually charged and fined for leaving the keys in his car while he ran into a local Dunkin’ Donuts to get some coffee. His car was stolen, and when it was recovered abandoned not far away, he was charged with leaving his car unsecured.

Nationally all drivers must be licensed, and in Massachusetts (as well as any state I can think of) requires a road test.

All public roads must have a posted speed limit, and that limit is enforced by police patrols.

The roads in heavily trafficked must be marked and lit. This store is at 425 Springfield Street, in Springfield, and the street is painted and there is a street light in front of this store.

Drivers face additional charges for reckless driving, such as not applying your brakes before hitting an occupied building.

Drivers are allowed to drink, but not allowed to operate a vehicle while intoxicated, or be drinking at the time of operating the vehicles. Open containers inside the vehicle are considered being consumed by the driver.

This is of course why anti-rights people won’t allow you to compare guns and cars. You see their argument is that our current gun laws are weak and they don’t work.

They aren’t weak (many of the above similar laws are felony charges and carry jail sentences with guns, but are just misdemeanors for cars) and not only DO they work, but they work BETTER than other laws on the books. (Look at any comparison to carry permit license holders and law breaking vs. general population…which the majority drives)

This is why the comparison can’t be made. The laws work, and we need more enforcement.

They simply want more laws, less enforcement, and more laws.

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0 Responses to If Guns Were Like Cars…

  1. SGB says:

    They are enchanted with laws and regulations. It’s a fetish for them.

  2. Kristopher says:

    If guns were regulated like cars, a 15 year old girl could send a thousand bucks to a seller on ebayguns, have an old M-60 MG shipped via a common carrier, and shoot it to her heart’s content on her parents’ back 40 without ever getting any kind of government license.

    If she wanted to carry it on a public right of way, she would need to get a learner’s permit from the local department of firearms, by paying a few bucks, and taking a short multiple choice quiz on a computer screen, at which point she would have an absolute right to carry her M-60 in public.

  3. Kristopher says:

    So when some anti says he wants firearms regulated like cars … he is lying. Regulating firearms just like cars would absolutely horrify any GFW.

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