“Gun Death” Guns in Church

Remember in the world of “Gun Death” you don’t have guns for attack…or defense:

A longtime Baptist pastor was fatally beaten inside his Forest Hill church Monday morning, and the suspect later died in the back of a patrol car, according to police and MedStar….Police Chief Dan Dennis said they believe the attack on the pastor began in the parking lot of the church, and then moved inside the church, eventually ending in the music room. When officers arrived, they found the man beating Kirk with an electric guitar, Dennis said.

The Pastor was defenseless, so all it took was a guitar to end his life. Do you really think being “Gun Free” is best?

h/t Whipped Creme Difficultuties

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4 Responses to “Gun Death” Guns in Church

  1. Archer says:

    Solid-body electric guitars are deceptively heavy. Mine weighs more than my shotgun!

    So what do we need? “Common sense” “axe” control? 😉

  2. William says:

    I am a senior pastor in Alaska. I carry a 1911 and a BUG every Sunday. The elders often carry. Several other men and women do too. We have church outings to the local range. We have an NRA pistol instructor amongst us.

    Sometimes shepherds need to end the threat of wolves threatening the flock. I’d rather do that with a .45 than with a crooked stick.

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