“Gun Death” More Machetes

I was at a sporting goods store the other day and I saw a really nice Machete made by Gerber on the knife rack. I was surprised to see they were asking for under $30 for what accounts for a well-made knife. The cheap crap you can find next to the yard rakes and axes in the big box store can easily be paid for with pocket change!

When will we have common sense “Machete Control”?

A man who police say tried to cut several people with a machete at a Galveston birthday party this week has been charged in the case, police said.

It isn’t the tool its the person. And we NEED guns because the other guy WILL get a Machete if he wants one!

h/t Whipped Creme Difficulty

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  1. Lord Sega says:

    Couldn’t find where to submit a “Gun Death?” story, so here ya go…

    “Twins beat man to death for stash of Magic: The Gathering cards”

    – Lord Sega

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