“Gun Death” Russian Police

This is an ugly one. Ye been warned.

Albert Zagitov had barely set up his new fruit and vegetable stall at the bustling Volga market in the Russian city of Kazan when he was told by a stranger to pack up and go.

After he refused, he was taken to a police car and driven to a police station where he says four officers took turns to hit him in the head and chest and threatened to rape him….He was freed six hours later with an aching head, battered ribs and a charge of petty hooliganism….Last month Sergei Nazarov, an unemployed man of 52, was detained at the same police station on the same charge. The day after his arrest on March 9, Nazarov was taken to hospital with abdominal pains. He died less than 24 hours later.

Before slipping into a coma, he told relatives he had been beaten by four police officers and sodomized with a champagne bottle.

Now to be fair, Russia has a very high “Gun Death” rate, and the police are armed. Of course bullet holes raise too many questions…. But people who use the metric of “Gun Death” seem to imply that somehow gun availability leads to death.

I bet each one of these jackboot bastards had a gun on his hip. Because they never used them when committing murder, makes this better in their twisted vision….

h/t Wallphone

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