“Gun Death” School Administrator

A nice feather in the hat for those who want full registration of gun owners. I mean school teachers are fingerprinted, licensed, certified, have to hold a college degree, and many places are starting to keep a DNA bank. Does it work?

A former middle school principal with a criminal record for crack cocaine could face the death penalty after going on a deadly knife, car and hammer rampage in Florida.

Anthony Giancola is charged with first-degree murder after a frenzied attack on Friday in which he killed two people before crashing his car into a crowded porch and brutally attacking a couple at a motel….Giancola went to a group home for the hearing impaired and stabbed four people, authorities said.

Mass murder by a registered individual and a convicted felon in an institution that probably has SOME form of security if anything just to protect the kids from wandering out. Hey but no “Gun Death” so really this is a success story!!

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