You’ve Lost Middle America, You’ve Lost the War

Screw the Gun show or the local shop where the clerks wear camo and open carry, and the shop sells MREs and water purification tablets. Roadkill saw this at Wal Mart!

Some questioned the validity of calling AR-15s and other modern self-loading rifle “Modern Sports Rifles”, but its hard to argue that the AR-15 isn’t all of that. They are well known for their accuracy, making them great for target shooting for both fun and competition. They can be easily accessorized and modified with different stocks, barrel lengths and calibers, and with collapsible stocks and lightweight construction they are ideal guns for hunting and varmint control. Of course the fact that they are ideal for personal defense is just gravy!

Hilarious that the antis are still claiming they’re no good for sporting….not that the second Amendment had anything to do with that. We all know George Washington didn’t cross the Delaware River to get to his duck blind!

Nice find Roadkill!

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  2. Jack says:

    Historically, this is perfectly cromulent. There’s a reason there’s such a crossover between military arms and “sporting” arms.

    Pa-pa’s deer gun has good odds of being military surplus.

    Normalization is the biggest way to push back against the Anti’s lies. Its hard to accept the demonization of something you can pick up at Wally-world and have plinked with at the range.

    And it makes the “it’s a machine gun OMG” lie laughably transparent to anyone that’s acutally used said guns.

  3. RegT says:

    Of course, the liberals will exclaim, “Only rednecks shop at Walmart. You won’t find those evil assault rifles at the Bon Marche or Lord and Taylor’s.”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You have a point! I have never seen a Whole Foods with an FFL!

      • Teke says:

        Maybe they should add that.
        They can market it towards the Purist who wants the freshest and most organic meat possible.
        Then they could add in the processing facility as well.

        • Windy Wilson says:

          It’s also the most humane way to eat meat, as up until the moment of impact the animal is free and heedless of his impending death, acting in the way animals not in captivity act. Contrast that with standing around waiting for the door to the abbatoir to open when the animal is led through chutes and passages with the smell of blood and death filling his nose. It’s enough stress on the animal to make an inferior product, I tell you! Plus it causes the animal fear, which ought to concern the animal feel-good namby-pambys.

    • PT says:

      Point out Beretta’s high end custom shop on 5th avenue.

      It will make their heads explode

      • Jack says:

        On the contrary.

        High end shops with uber expensive guns are a-okay to the Antis.

        Same reason they’re okay with NYC’s conceal carry system.

        It’s the idea of the proles being armed that gets them all antsy.

  4. Lweson says:

    Walmart was carrying 4 different ARs in their rifle display the other day. I swear one was a LWRC.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    I’m pretty sure that George Washington crossed the Delaware River from NJ to PA because he couldn’t buy a gun in NJ. But we were happy to oblige him here in the keystone state!

  6. Critter says:

    I’m not very surprised as Remington is now in the business of building AR’s (under the Bushmaster lable, which Rem now owns) and Remington derives a large portion of their revenue from bulk sales to Wally World.

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  8. Firehand says:

    Wally World in a town just west of OKC, had both the Sig AR15 and the Sig 5.56 whatever-the-hell-they-call-it with the folding stock

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  10. Greg Camp says:

    Now if they’d just keep the ammo case stocked…

    • HSR47 says:

      I’d probably be happy if they stopped putting it behind the bloody counter so that I can get close enough to actually see what they have…

      • Cormac says:

        I normally just walk around behind the counter to have a look, saying “hi” to the clerk as I pass him.

        The most I ever got in response (apart from them saying “hi” back to me), was a chuckle as some woman gasped at the sight of me comparing costs-per-round…

  11. Joe in PNG says:

    Heck, I even spotted a Colt 6920LE at a Wally in Fl. What a change- remember a few short years ago when it was just a small rotery rack with a couple of 30-’06s, a Marlin 30-30, some Mossberg 500’s, and a couple of 10/22’s.

    • billswift says:

      The local Walmart just went the other way, from a large case to a small rotary rack, in last year’s remodel.

  12. DB RN says:

    Wal-Mart knows where the money is .

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