“Gun Death” Trampoline

Growing up I knew a TON of kids who had a trampoline in their back yard. I also knew a few people who got nasty injuries from them.

A 30-year-old Phoenix man has died after suffering a spinal injury at an indoor trampoline park, fire officials said.

Fire department officials told MyFoxPhoenix.com that Ty Thomasson died on Sunday, three days after suffering a spinal injury at SKYPARK Indoor Trampoline Park near 40th Street and Indian School Road.

Thomasson jumped from a trampoline into a foam pit, landing head first, firefighters said. He was transported to Maricopa Medical Center, where he died on Sunday.

I would suspect that would be “Off Label” use of a trampoline. Still when somebody does something stupid or illegal with guns the anti-freedom forces look to ban them. So I guess we need to ban trampolines!

BTW I’m betting a few of you in the comments will be able to cite towns, or failed laws to ban trampolines, because they are “Anti-Freeom” not “Anti-Gun”.

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  1. SeriousGun says:

    Ahhh…but anti-gun is anti-freedom.

  2. JDRush says:

    No, we don’t want to ban trampolines. You are so over the top. Common sense dictates that all trampolines must be fully registered with the state and fed .govs 12 times per year. You must take a 24 hour usage course on the proper use of a trampoline before your first attempt to use the device, plus take yearly refresher courses at a single location that serves 3.4 million people. If your trampoline is not fully locked up in a locked safe, you will lose your trampoline, 5 years of your life, and 5000 dollars. Also, most people are killed by trampolines know the owner of the trampoline. Said owners invariably have small penises, too. Except for the female owners(nudge, nudge, they aren’t our kind of women).


  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Why do you think so many Trampolines have that “ThunderDome” Safety Net on them nowadays? Can you say “The Government is My Friend,” Boys and Girls?

  4. Tango says:

    My wife has listed them as verboten for our family… not that I can say I blame her.

    Her first knee went out on a trampoline. Hyperextension, meaning that shit bent BACKWARDS! That being said, she doesn’t give a damn what the neighbors have in their backyards.

  5. Dann in Ohio says:

    See, this is what happens when dealers sell trampolines without government-mandated trampoline locks… The Coalition to Prevent Trampoline Violence with have a statement out tomorrow…

    Dann in Ohio

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