“Gun Deaths” Guns and Cars

When discussing gun ownership with somebody who meant well, but was standing for banning guns. They said “Well I’m fine with YOU owning guns, but I don’t know about letting any old random dude own a gun”. I pointed out that just about everybody has access to cars, and they drive by you every day.

One person was killed and another was hurt when a car crashed onto a sidewalk and into them in Quincy Monday morning.

Police say the driver of the car that struck the two people was taken into custody at the scene….Rivard has a long record of driving violations dating back to 1990, including several accidents where he was found at fault, speeding, and driving with suspended and revoked licenses.

First up you’ll never find such negligence and bad behavior with firearms treated the same way if this was done with guns. Doesn’t matter if its Maine, Texas, New York, or California.

Really its not the tool, its the person. Lots of people have access to easy ways to end another person’s life. That person waiting in line in front of you? Well you could crack them in the head with a hammer, and likely kill them. The people on the sidewalk could be plowed down with a car or truck. That healthy meal you serve your family can be laced with deadly toxins.

Killing another person is mechanically and physically VERY EASY! As we learned from Dave Grossman’s fantastic book that for the majority of us it is EMOTIONALLY very hard, if not impossible.

Anti-gun people think that allowing guns to be bought, sold, and carried in public would be putting death around every corner. What the “Gun Death?” Files tell us is that death IS around every corner, but most people have no interest in causing harm in others.

And the handful of people who DO wish to harm others, well they’ll do what they can to cause death and mayhem…and when they do, its a nice time to have a gun.

h/t Jay

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  1. Scott says:

    One of the professors where I work and a good friend of mine was killed earlier this fall when a car lost control, jumped the sidewalk and crushed him…..totally sucked, but it was an accident and no one wanted to prosecute the driver or anything like that….

    Totally different situation if he had been accidentally shot or something similar….

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