How to Raise Your Kids Right!

Wow Bitter links this video. She suggests skipping ahead, I recommend watching the whole thing.

BTW the parks of this nation are filled with children, and adults acting like children, breaking the law, getting arrested, selling drugs, and holding up racist signs because most parents these days don’t have half the stones this loving Dad did.

She’ll never forget this, and I suspect once the smoke clears will love her Dad much more for it. And when her racist Marxist friends suggest they pitch a tent on public land against the law and hold up “KILL THE JEWS!!!” Signs while doing drugs, she’ll say “Fuck that noise, I have to get to work!!”

Good on you!

Oh and for you 1911 owners…don’t carry your 1911 in Condition 2, 1, 3, and 4 are much better, and safer.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    When people ask me what’s wrong with American education, I answer that it’s parents who don’t value education or their children. I taught in an inner city high school for a while, and one morning, a mother stormed into my classroom, screaming at me that I gave her daughter an F on the last test. Of course, the child cursed at me every day, never did her homework and never opened the text book, and when I gave her the test, she wrote her name on it and threw it at me. But I gave her the F.

    If we had more parents like this father in the video, there would be no problem in American education, and there would be many fewer problems in American life.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The best and most efficient solution is to lead by example!

      A big problem people have when combating negative social issues is that there is no way to combat the behavior as a whole without government intervention (which almost exclusively makes the problem worse).

      But if everybody who cares made it a point to work by example, and stick their nose in the business of close friends. (You’ll tell a friend that they should quick smoking, or maybe they should exercise a little more…but why won’t you tell them that they need to discipline the little beasts that are masquerading as children in their home?) And the behavior will spread!

  2. Ben G says:

    The only issue I take with the video is that it’s even out there. That dad has the right idea and I’m on board with what he did.

    BUT, I don’t think he should have made his family’s business into a public spectacle, no matter how many times his daughter tried to.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think Dad didn’t expect the video to go viral, but I must say that I don’t even bother to cling to the lie that privacy exists on the internet. I see the point as a non-issue.

  3. I saw this yesterday and I posted it on my Girl FB and then I took it down. As a parent I thought good for you! I could not imagine reading something like that from a child of mine. This father’s voice is shaky and it may seem like anger, but I think it’s hurt. I have great kids, really I do, but I felt for this man. I think parents are way to liberal with kids, but I also think society in general has enabled kids to question their parents and have fostered the idea of selfiness. It take real effort to combat all the crap that our kids get fed. I love guns and as you know, I am itching to shoot me some fruit or maybe even a piece of electronic equipment, but I am not sure this is really a good thing. I might over think things a bit, though.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      He’s obviously VERY upset. I really liked the little touches like “Never call her the ‘cleaning lady'” sounds like somebody who doesn’t have a ton of spare cash doing the old fashioned bartering. There’s a lesson in that, and there’s also a level of disrespect when it comes to terms like “cleaning lady”.

      I’m so amazed at the various people who are speaking out AGAINST what he did. The only one that makes any sense to me is that it probably would have been smarter if he had just donated the laptop to charity. But then the video wouldn’t have gone viral, which I think may have a lot more power.

      I think the death of a laptop is well worth hundreds of fair-weather parents realizing that dishing out a little tough-love might be exactly what their pocket-tyrant needs.

  4. Agirlandhergun says:

    I completely agree with the lessons he is trying to teach his daughter…she needs them. I am 100% behind everything he said and I can promise you my children will not be calling anyone a “cleaning” lady or if they ever thought to, we would have a problem. Not sure I am express myself clearly. I don’t care about the greater good of giving the lap top to charity. I am a big fam of giving, but the lesson to his daughter is more important, I
    just not sure about shooting it. Still figuring things in my mind.

  5. Greg Camp says:

    At my favorite gun grabber site, this video also got posted. The view of the authors there is that this father is abusive and violated the rights of his daughter. They’re counting this as an example of gun violence.

    If I didn’t believe in personal responsibility, I’d sue them for the bruise on my forehead from repeated banging on my desk.

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