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Now I grumbled about how “Progressive” society treats people who act like adults, but I have to disagree with Bill. Being a responsible adult has its trials and tribulations, and when you look at just them, it DOES suck. But we all know a “Progressive” or two. Have you noticed one thing about them? Seems the more “Progressive” they are the more impotent they feel. They want EVERYTHING from the government, and nothing is their fault…but also they really don’t have anything to show for themselves. That also SUCKS!

Honestly the times when I have been MOST miserable in my life have been as a child because you are unhappy and helpless. When bad shit happens now in life, I’m a grown-up, I don’t sit there and cry, I get to fucking work and fix the shit.

Its just hard work to be a grown up, it just takes apathy to be a child.

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  1. Alan says:

    Liberals/progressives/socialists are usually people who are insulated from their own bad decisions. The trust fund kid, the welfare mother, the tenured professor, the union boss, the government employee, the wealthy CEO. When you lower the cost of something you get more of it so decreasing the cost of bad decisions means we get more of them.

    That’s why social safety nets are a really bad idea.

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