I Name Thee Irony!

Somebody obviously dug up this old thread and left this comment.

Its freedom of speech. Someone felt it was worth their time to interview MF. and record his opinions. You felt the need to label him an idiot. If he is such an idiot then why waste your time on him. no matter how clueless you may think he is he is still entitled to his opinion and if you ask me, politics and debating is the most meaningless use of time. Its as useful as a girlfriend with no vagina “completely useless”. Nothing gets resolved and every politician is in it for themselves. MF’s opinion doesn’t matter, neither does yours or mine so pls stfu.

I get comments where its obvious somebody has no interest in this blog, and was just doing google searches and stumbling upon an old post that has long since gone cold, and feel the need to leave a comment before disappearing forever.

Generally I read them, and I’m generally universally unimpressed, and I move on. The nature of this comment where he feels the need to leave an opinion of how pointless opinions are, I was tempted to delete it out of pure respect for the validity of his claim.

But MAN its ironic that somebody wanted to leave a comment on a thread that really hasn’t been touched since September of 2011, about how pointless my opinion, the opinion of Morgan Freeman, and just for good measure his opinion is pointless…and maybe I should just shut up…..in a quiet post.

You took the time to write that. Seriously! You looped around in a comment so irrelevant that it has become relevant for me to make a post on it.

Good work, you have done what many have failed at!

Oddly I don’t feel the need to shutter my blog and let my domain expire…but I did take it under consideration! 😀

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  1. bluesun says:

    It’s probably a moral failing on my part, but I turned off comments on posts older than a couple weeks, since the only people who ever comment on old things like that are just like this fellow.

  2. Linoge says:

    Hm. My site shuts down comments after 90 days, if only to cut back on the inconceivable amounts of spam I used to receive. If it means I miss out on things like this, though… nah, I will still leave them closed ;).

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