“Gun Death” Violent Teen

Again, its not the tool, its the person, and just look at this person.

Brandon J. Suhr, 19, has been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree burglary in the death of the teen, who was found dead in a closet in his home.

According to the statement of probable cause, Suhr, on the night of May 31, snuck into the home of his 16-year-old girlfriend and armed himself with several swords kept at the home.

Suhr told investigators he entered the bedroom in which he believed his girlfriend was sleeping. But it was the girl’s 13-year-old brother who was in the bed, and he soon woke up and began screaming, he said.

Suhr claimed the teen began reaching for a folding knife that was next to the bed, prompting Suhr to stab him with a sword in self-defense.

Again, self defense claims hold no water when one is committing a serious crime such as breaking and entering, and possessing a deadly weapon.

The teen girl girl later told police Suhr put a knife to her throat and made her write the following message on the family’s white erase board: “Mom I’m leaving and I’ve killed (my brother) Don’t look for me and I’ll finish the job.”

The girl said Suhr threatened to kill her entire family if she did not leave with him.

Suhr then took her to meet his friends at another home where at least one person suspected something was wrong. While that person was trying to question the teen girl, Suhr interjected and said, “Yes, I killed him,” the statement said.

That friend called the victim’s mother, who, in turn, 911. Suhr and the teen girl were found at his Algona home….Suhr told police he and the girl had dated for about a year, and had been turned away when he went to see her earlier on the day of the killing.

The girl’s mother told investigators that on that same day, the girl had mentioned obtaining a no-contact order against someone she called Brandon.

This teen has some MAJOR problems. What he didn’t have is a gun…did that make him any less dangerous? So why do we still use the metric of “Gun Death”, as if it pertains to public safety?

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