Kids and Guns

Jay Covered this great story of PSH of a police officer who showed her child how to safely hold her service gun.

I first heard the story on Cam and Company:

Now read this story:

A Florida teen who fatally shot his father in a desperate bid to save his mother from being choked has not been charged, police said….”He [Christopher Thorpe] was beating her; [he] kept punching her,” Debbie Carter, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, told Fox affiliate WTVT. “Then they went from the living room to the master bedroom where he kept beating her.”

The couple’s 17-year-old son, Channing Thorpe, rushed in and shot his father when he saw him beating and strangling his mother in their bedroom, according to police.

The teenager fired several shots at his father from a handgun. The boy then called the Sheriff’s Office to report he had shot his father. Deputies later found Christopher Thorpe, 36, dead in the master bedroom.

One of the bullets also hit 35-year-old Jill Thorpe in the thigh. She was treated at an area hospital and later released.

Police did not arrest the teen, who was left in the custody of his mom.

Now I can assume that all the stories lined up from witnesses, and injuries found on Mom and Dad, as well as the general fact that in stories where domestic partners attempt or succeed to beat the other to death there is generally a long list of domestic calls leading up for years. Unless there is some VERY sloppy police work the evidence is huge supporting this defensive gun use.

Still at 17 he’s still a kid, and I doubt he learned how to shoot a gun yesterday. Even if Dad wasn’t planning on murder TODAY, he’d have eventually gotten there.

Horrible story, but the poor kid saved his Mom’s life. The Antis would rather she be dead, and the kid in foster care.

Also I’ll close on the final more important note, if you are in an abusive relationship GET OUT NOW! It will ONLY get worse and they will eventually go too far and kill you. When you “think of your children”, as some abused spouses do, think of them with one parent dead from violent ends.

GET OUT NOW! Also get some help for whatever made you think such behavior was alright in the first place!

Be safe out there!

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