Lee Dorin Covers the Arab Riots

Really as this unfolds this is really a big deal.

I think the biggest deal of this whole event is Obama’s disinterest in security on US Embassies and Consulates, and his framing of an innocent American citizen for these attacks.

People say Obama isn’t anti-gun because he hasn’t banned guns…yet. But President IS Anti-Freedom, and against the US Bill of Rights, and we know that those people aren’t limited in their attacks against individual Liberty.

News Roundup video here.

BTW another take-away of this is Obama’s talk of “Investigation” after the attacks. This is the same type of “Investigation” the administration has had on Fast and Furious, and that has “Cleared” Eric Holder from any wrongdoing.

Also the Onion again nails it with their little riff on the 2001 Terrorist attacks, and government incompetence

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