Machine Guns And You!

Another Great Video

Maybe Someday buying a NIB Full-auto will be no different than buying a handgun.

Like Jeff said “A Gun Is a Gun”.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Sounds like a lot of paperwork and money for something that I’d only be able to feed up to its full appetite on rare occasions. Still, one can always wish. . .

  2. PT says:

    We only don’t have machine guns because we respect the law.

    They are not hard to make using commonly available tools.

  3. Ratus says:

    Repeal the NFA!

    Because I SO want one of those mini 1919s in 22LR and $30 suppressors at walmart.

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  5. Linoge says:

    Given that things like the SlideFire stock are 100% legal (for now) with no paperwork, there is no rational reason for continuing to limit fully-automatics to “only ones that existed in 1986”.

    That said, while I would own all the FA firearms I could, rarely would I actually twist the switch that far over – not good for much more than turning money into noise.

  6. Brad_in_MA says:

    What if the owner wants to pass the full-auto gun to an heir via will or family trust? Assuming the recipient jumps through all the legal form-4 NFA hoops, any other issues?

  7. Wally says:

    The can be passed on to beneficiaries assuming the beneficiary can meet the requirements (fed – clean background, state permits as needed). Beneficiary transfers like that are actually on a form5, tax free, no $200 fee, but the same paperwork.
    If for some reason, the beneficiary chooses to not take it, or cannot (naughty boy) possess it, the MG can be sold – legally – and the proceeds go to the beneficiary.

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