May Issue Permits

In Iraq

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Hiwa Hassan, 34, visited the Erbil Governorate Office twice last year to renew his firearm license. He was turned down both times, even though he says he needs a firearm because his job requires him to constantly move between cities.

Hassan says, “A lot of times, I return home at night. I always have a Kalashnikov with me, but I have never shot a round. I carry a Kalashnikov for personal safety.”

Hassan’s firearm license expired a month ago. He carries his gun without a permit now….Last week, Arsalan Bayiz, Kurdish Parliament speaker, told a delegation of human rights and women’s rights activists, “With the help of the Ministry of Interior, we are working on gun control. We will not issue new firearm permits and will not renew old ones. This is because most attacks are carried out by guns.”

Bayiz added, “For those who carry weapons without a permit or have a weapon at home without a permit, they shall be fined in a way that will teach them not to repeat that mistake.”

Iraq is a violent and developing country, and the Kurdish people have been heavily oppressed in their history. But of course disarming the lawful citizens is all in the name of safety, right?

I suspect the same people who supported the Kurdish Genocide are attempting a more politically correct method.

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  1. Jack says:

    Well, that’s bog-standard Brady talking points: blame the object, think that criminals and terrorists care about fines, think disarming civilians is more important than tackling acutal, and dangerous, problems with corruption and voilence.

    And the advantage of the May issue system is that they can still give permits to those with enough “juice” to buy one.

  2. Linoge says:

    I guess it is comforting, on some level, to see that anti-rights cultists are as idiotic overseas as they are here.

    So most attacks are carried out by guns, eh? Actually, I would bet that most attacks are carried out by people carrying guns, but, hey, anthropomorphizing firearms is small potatoes compared to abridging human beings’ individual rights, right?

    But moving on to that small point of distinction, do you really, honestly believe that the people who are carrying out those attacks will give a flying squirrel’s left testicle about your refusal to renew their permits? For that matter, do you really believe they have permits to begin with?

    Let me break something to you – if you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you are an idiot. You are welcome.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    Well, shucks, and here I was, all set to go to the wonderful land of Iraqi Kurdistan, and now this. . . But hey, the Czech Republic still has good gun laws. And better beer.

  4. max pain says:

    Sounds like time to go hunting bureaucrats – and their bosses.

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  6. PT says:

    I’m sure that the local militias and AQ will turn in their guns due to their firearms licenses expiring.

    Once again the law abiding citizen will be disarmed, and the Islamic terrorists and criminals will just laugh at the government and launch another RPG their way.

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