Interesting S E X!

And a little Weird, even for me. Still as far as I can tell its all fairly accurate and not too anthropomorphized.

(thanks to Alan and Breda for thinking of me with this one)

I saw this in the “related” bar, and I KNEW snails had some fucked-up sex, and wanted to see how they portrayed it.

Yeah that’s how they do it. Really!

There’s a promo for the series. Sofar all I’ve seen are pretty damn good…in a really freaky sort of way.

Oh and for those not buying the whole dolphin sex thing I also found this video of attempted dolphin rape on a young woman. I wonder if the person filming would be laughing like that if it was a drunk frat boy with an erection going after her friend…


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  1. Ratus says:

    I’ve been waiting for this, here you go Weer’d

  2. Greg Camp says:

    Hm. . . makes you wonder what exactly the fundamentalists are talking about when it comes to having sex the natural way. It looks as though the dolphins are getting up to the same kind of monkeyshines as the bonobos. The lesson here? Control freaks need to have more fun.

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