Messy Debate Behind Enemy Lines

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She holds her own well against the anti-rights Jackals.

They miss a few glaring points, like that even a perfectly working “Microstamping gun” can fail to leave a readable code, also the code can easily be removed with inexpensive tools and only a few seconds of labor, or the firing pin can be replaced with an aftermarket unit. Further this law does NOTHING to touch the firearms already in the wild. Crime scenes can be cleaned by either policing brass, shooting from inside a car, or using a brass catcher (or simply favoring a revolver), or brass can be gathered at shooting ranges or scrap yards and added to confuse.

Of course the big elephant in the room is that states that have full gun registries, like mine, don’t have any crimes that were solved using that data. Guns are found at the scene of the crime, or in the possession of criminals, or stashed in cashes where gang members check out the gun like a library book when they need one. Yet this data never seems to bring an arrest.

Also they talk about unsolved murders, but I think they watch too much CSI, as most murder convictions are made or broken by eyewitness accounts. When the murder is gang related, there is an understanding in the streets. Cooperate with the police or the courts, and your life, and the life of your family and friends is in danger.

So again, it is more blind throwing money at a problem that won’t be solved.

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Alex Wagner is on record as wanting to repeal the Second Amendment, so she has no room to claim that she just wants to see incremental changes. She also is the host, and look at the guests. One supporter of gun rights and three opponents. Of course, all of us reasonable gun owners are seeing this rhetorical shootout and cheering for our side.

    But the antis want us to trust them. See, they’re not against guns. They’re just against criminals having guns. Uh huh. That’s why they send up Dan Gross, the smirking lounge lizard. The fact that I wouldn’t accept a drink of water from him after a long day in the desert comes only from my gun nut paranoia, I suppose.

  2. TS says:

    Ha, at the 3:25 mark Dan Gross says that gun control is about taking away the opportunity to buy guns (but then also says Mircostamping is not gun control).

    In answer to “this is not a gun ban” I really wish she came back with “really, so this legislation does NOT ban non-mircostamped guns?” I do like her reaction to “there is nobody that is anti-gun”, though.

  3. AZRon says:

    Microstamp = what God did when he ingrained liberal IQ’s.

    On the eighth day He proclaimed: “let there be idiots that will forever hold a tenuous grasp of reality and logic”.

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