More Anti-Gun Magical Thinking

Joan Peterson started a petition:

I want freedom from gun violence in my community. Please pass sensible gun laws to stop people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them and carrying them around in public places. Protect our children from being shot and easy access to guns.

Too many people are shot to death every day in America. This is preventable if we only but let our politicians know we want our communities to be safe from gun injuries and deaths. We can do better by passing sensible state and federal gun laws.

Yeah because when Chicago and Washington DC had damn-near unilateral ban on guns, NOBODY was shot. Same goes to cities like LA or Boston, or NYC that have HEAVY restrictions on gun ownership…nobody shot there either.

This is magical thinking.

Jason Kilgore seems to have learned lessons from his past and signed it (along with 6 (SIX!) other people) but hasn’t signed it as his alter-ego of “Baldr Odinson”.

As a survivor of gun violence, I know first-hand the toll it takes on communities. There are solutions, such as requiring background checks for private sales, or mandating safe storage of guns in homes with children — it just takes political courage to do it.

The real story is here

Mary Lewis Grow (an anti-rights reporter) adds this illogical screed:

Freedom means not having to fear other people’s bullets. Americans need to remember that reasonable regulations confer freedom. I appreciate my freedom to breathe air not fouled by smokers and polluters, thanks to regulations! Lawmakers need some backbone!

Well you’re proposing more laws. Meanwhile there are lots of laws against shooting people, threatening people, and reckless use of firearms (as well as other dangerous things). Remember anti-rights people believe that if guns were as illegal as murder, nobody would be murdered with guns!

Oh and by the way, there are places where it is illegal to smoke, and there are methods of polluting that are illegal. Also there are ways to do both that are considered reasonable and safe. Sorry hon, you don’t get exclusive rights to public air! (Anti-Freedom, not anti-gun!)

Its good to such minimal support to the stupid boilerplate they spew out.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, Japete should be really happy, because there are PLENTY of Laws that restrict people who shouldn’t have Guns and walking around the Street with them.

    But since the Idiot already knows it, she is just trying to Ban ALL Guns.

    Which even if it went into effect, would still NOT stop People who “Shouldn’t” be Carrying them from Carrying them.

    Those People are called “Criminals.”

  2. RuffRidr says:

    Wow, they are aiming for a total of 50 people to sign the petition. That’ll really get the politicians attention!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They’re looking for 50 signatories and they have an uphill battle. Also the Pols are really going to kowtow to the dipshit from Oregon! 😀

      Oh and I just looked again, and they picked up a new sig…from the Joyce Shill president in Ohio! Yeah this is the picture of success!

      • RuffRidr says:

        Oh shit, they are up to 15 signatures! Is it just me or is this extremely pathetic?

        Hell, she doesn’t even seem to be able to get other Brady board members to sign this. I wish I knew some of the other names from Protect Minnesota and the other groups she is affiliated with. It would be interesting to see if any of them even pay attention to her.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t checked recently. She got 11 in the first day…now 5 more in two days. Like most anti-rights support, its a subject to exponential decay.

          I suspect it’ll stall out at the halfway mark to the 50…and maybe 10 or so of those will be out-of-state people who really don’t count.

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  4. Linoge says:

    The entirety of England should not own the overwhelming majority of types and styles of firearms, and no non-LEO civilians in the country should be carrying them around in public places, and yet people are still shot – with frightening regularity – over there.

    No one in prisons should own any type or form of firearm much less carry one around, and yet guns still find their ways in, or are fabricated on-site.

    If you cannot keep a simple tool out of the hands of the “wrong people”* when those people are confined to an island or a structure intended on keeping people in and contraband out, what hope do you think you will have for doing so in a country with functionally-open borders and millions of firearms already in circulation?

    This sentence, though, just blows my mind:

    Americans need to remember that reasonable regulations confer freedom.

    I weep for an “education” system that would produce a person who could write the above sentence and genuinely believe that it (a) makes sense, (2) is logical, and (iii) is the correct way to go.

    * – Anti-rights cultists campaigning to “stop people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them” just brings to mind the fact that “people who shouldnt’ have guns” used to be a “gun control” extremist’s code-phrase for “black”. They surely have not developed much over the intervening centuries, have they?

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