More Dumb from Wintermute

This piece is so poorly written I’m amazed!

UC Davis study: Women, children frequently hurt by stray bullets

Man, I’ve heard of “Heat Seeking Bullets”, but never “Women and Children Seeking Bullets”….also neither has anybody else, because that’s all that’s mentioned in this story about that….seriously.

“Stray-bullet shootings alter the nature of life in many American neighborhoods, creating fear and anxiety and prompting parents to keep children indoors and take other precautions,” Wintemute said. “When we think about gun violence, we think about high-profile and tragic events like Virginia Tech or the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. But stray-bullet shootings affect entire communities every day, and there has been almost no research exploring them.”

Almost no research. Well given that Dr. Wintemute is on the scene that won’t change. We’ve seen what he’s attempted to pass off as “Research” in the past(PDF warning).

Within that framework, the study team identified 284 stray-bullet shootings events, in which 317 people were killed or injured. Most of the people shot (81 percent) were unaware of the events leading to the gunfire that caused their injuries. Of the 65 people who died during the monitoring period, most died on the day they were shot, and many died at the shooting scene.

The shootings were concentrated in big cities, and included scenarios involving violent conflicts (59.2 percent), hunting and other shooting sports (7.4 percent), and unknown activities (22.9 percent). Despite its frequent occurrence, celebratory gunfire related to holidays such as July 4th caused relatively few stray bullet injuries, accounting for less than 5 percent of the cases.

Ahhh Google as a research tool, that’s some “Hard science” right there. Also looks like the vast majority is urban street violence, not lawful shooting gone awry. What’s Wintemute’s solution?

Wintemute said he hopes the findings will raise awareness of stray-bullet shooting and help lead to the expansion of preventive measures, such as “hot-spot policing,” which involves increasing enforcement of firearm laws in areas with high levels of gun violence.

By “Hot Spots” you mean “known Gang Territory”, right? Who’s going to enforce these laws? Local cops are already unwilling to go into gang turf for foot beats and cruiser patrol, as the gangs don’t take kindly to LEOs.

So more intellectual masturbation from the pointy-headed “Progressive” ivory tower!

Good stuff!

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  1. Tom says:

    I think to be a valid study you’d have to look at ALL stray bullet events, even ones that didn’t hit someone. But the fact that 81% of people weren’t aware of the events leading up to the shooting isn’t remarkable. So what? And the fact that “nearly half” of the victims were females just conforms with the fact that females make up about half of the population. This is a story all about nothing.

    • Archer says:

      Like the one where a homeowner, in protest to a pre-existing shooting range, tosses a factory-new, UNFIRED .22 round onto his roof for the police to find, and claims it was a stray round from the range?

      I’ll bet that sometime soon, a paper will be published claiming that in “the majority” of “stray bullet” events, humans were involved somewhere, whether on the firing end or on the receiving end. Therefore, the obvious answer is to ban all humans (especially the females, because they make up “nearly half” of the victim population). The antis would just eat that up!

      • Rob Crawford says:

        Remember the Iraqi woman holding up a pristine .50cal round and claiming it was shot at her house by US forces? Apparently US soldiers can throw rounds at dangerous velocities.

  2. Archer says:

    “Despite its frequent occurrence, celebratory gunfire related to holidays such as July 4th caused relatively few stray bullet injuries….”

    Does anyone live in an area where celebratory gunfire (I’m assuming he means the kind you see in movies: spraying full-auto fire into the air) is a “frequent occurrence”?

    I didn’t think so. It’s almost like he’s lying out his ass or something, loading phrases like that.

    I wonder if I can get a nice, cushy “research” gig at a “well-respected” university, too. Given that pieces like this are actually vetted (as in, reviewed by other scholars and found to have solid reasoning and evidence) and published, the qualifications must not be very high.

  3. AZRon says:

    Locally, “Shannon’s law refers to specific changes in Arizona statutes, enacted in 2000, making it a felony offense to discharge firearms randomly into the air.”

    A promising young woman lost her life to idiots engaging in random skyward gunfire. The morons that commit these ignorant acts do not represent me. I’ll assume that they do not speak for any of you as well.

    4 rules folks. 4 rules.

    Still, you can’t make anything more felonious by adding laws. The laws need to be enforced. It’s already against the law. It has been damn near forever. AZ, in 2000, made random gunfire a felony….but we have a lot of 18 YO convicted felons keepin’ it real while on probation after serving no time. That’s what the antis always seem to forget, and bringing up the facts brings exortations of “racist”!

    Just one more law will either fix it, or we’ll tax it.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Ummm… The math doesn’t add up… “284 stray-bullet shootings events, in which 317 people were killed or injured

  5. “. . . it’s plausible that if you prevent the violence, you’ll prevent the stray-bullet shootings.”

    So, a ray of hope. Let’s lock up the drug dealers who shoot each other, and see what happens.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Of course the hilarity of all of this is that’s what we’ve been calling for for GENERATIONS, and the Police and legal system have shown they are unwilling and unable to do just that.

      Instead they make it a crime to talk on your cellphone while driving, but they won’t put gang-bangers committing violent, predatory acts in prison or in the ground.

      • Archer says:

        In some places they’re making it a crime to talk on your cell phone while WALKING. I can imagine the scenario: Does that 4th grader have a set of earbuds for a MP3 player, or is that a conversation-in-progress? Can’t tell, but it’s probable cause, better prone her out with weapons drawn, just in case.

        This is their idea of “making the police officers’ jobs easier”: pass enough laws so that everyone is guilty of SOMETHING, so they can arrest whoever is least threatening. Then, they’re free to “crack down on crime” without any risk.

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