Morning LOL

OK this is just too silly!

Authorities say a handcuffed man has stolen a police cruiser in northwest Indiana, and he radioed police for help in finding the car’s cigarette lighter and a key to unlock his hands.

Investigators were still looking for 22-year-old William Francis Blankenship early Wednesday morning.

Police say he somehow escaped from the back of the vehicle and fled Tuesday evening after he was arrested on drug charges in Kouts, a small Indiana town about 50 miles southeast of Chicago.

Now picture that scene and try not to laugh! Still I hope the only harm he does it to the interior of that cruiser and some serious hurtin’ on a pack of Winston Light 100s.

If there’s ever a time when you fucking NEED a cigarette, its when you’re handcuffed in the back of a cop car!

Also carry your guns people, because cops make mistakes too!

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