Morning Strange Gun

Remember that dude with the Dardick? Well his collection is the Menagerie of Misfit toys! I just watched this video while getting ready for work:

I just kept looking at it, and kept not figuring out what it was. Neat to see how it works. Also little doubt why such a monstrosity never did well.

He has a shooting video here, and his review of the COP Derringer is here.

I have mixed feelings. Part of me loves these bizarre guns just because they took the mechanical path less traveled. Of course the world is full of guns like that, just when the path less traveled leads anywhere worthwhile, it gets beat down pretty quick.

There’s a good reason why you don’t see such things everyday, and part of me is sad to discover why when I see a super cool, neat-looking, and unique pile of fail.

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  1. SGB says:

    Damn, that’s an interesting little gun.

  2. Wally says:

    I know your readers all worship JMB, but I have to say Wayne Daniels tops my list for absurd inovation.

    At some point I may have to post up my Daniels Dongle…

  3. Jack says:

    Ooooh the guy’s got more oddities.

    Great link.

    That Mateba MTR-8 is a real bizzaro.

  4. Greg Camp says:

    The oddball design that should have succeeded was the Medusa revolver that could shoot just about anything in the 9mm/.36 caliber.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Those were interesting but it was an answer to a question that nobody really asked.

      Sure there are a tons of companies that made revolvers in 9×19. But when you look at how close .38 Special is to it, you see why 9×19 revolvers are so rare. Cartridges like .38 super, and .380 Auto are LESS common than 9×19, .38 Special, and .357 Magnum…so why would you need your wheelie to chamber them too?

      Its not a question of why did the Medusa fail, but why did the Taurus Judge succeed?

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