So Ladd Everit of CSGV has attempted to earn his Joyce Foundation pay by spamming various left-wing newsies with his pet issues. Particularly with the Starbucks “Buycott” and just how “Scary” and “Disrespectful” gunnies are for posting pictures of people with guns and coffee. (No word on the people who take pictures of their apple computers and coffee, or their New Prius and Coffee, or their designer handbag and coffee…people enjoy things, coffee is one of those things, *yawn*)

Of course Ladd’s getting ignored because even he’s seen as a little bit touched in the noggin by Moonbats like Bill Maher, Cenk Uygur, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow.

Still the latest beg:

He references one of his unread blog posts, that links to my Blood Dancing 101 post (BTW they send ZERO traffic. I’ve caught THREE hits to that post from there, and even then I’m not sure if its Antis or Gunnies checking the links).

First up, even more Honesty, in that I’m directly referenced by “#TheThingsIHateMost” (Good thing I have lots of guns in case Ladd decides to act out his dark little fantasies)

Still I get thinking on my own. What if I become a subject of a Lefty Two Minutes Hate? Wouldn’t that be delicious?

Plus if it was Maddow, a woman, and an open Homosexual (two demographics commonly targeted for violent crime), who also has the typical Limousine Liberal attitude about guns

Its OK when she enjoys them, just not me. And of course they’re “Just a Game”, Rachel takes a car home across New York City, meanwhile Rachel in another life could be the poor artist Lesbian living in a cheap loft apartment in Harlem and needing to take the subway, a bus, and walk a few blocks to get two-and-from her job every day.

Of course New York has lots of gun control so its totally safe!

Of course now if she DOES decide to hate on me, she’ll read this and see my trump card, and now she’ll NEVER call! 8)

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  1. Bill Baldwin says:

    I’ve caught THREE hits to that post from there, and even then I’m not sure if its Antis or Gunnies checking the links

    I’m a gunny and I got here from that link. I read your blog often, but have never commented here.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    It’s hard to get your “Enemy of the State Merit Badge” when the Antis won’t play along. But you gotta keep plugging away, hoping that someday you’ll be able to make the Big Time, that being Vilified on one of their “Talking Head Rant Fests” on the TeeWee and/or making the White House Enemies List (AttackWatch!).

    But I’m pulling for you!

  3. Bill Baldwin says:

    I spend most of my commenting time on the anti’s blog explaining to them how incorrect they are. One of the co-bloggers quit and I can only assume it was because she got spanked with the truth one too many times.

    I have a little traffic and no comments at my blog, it is relatively new. My focus over there is picking apart the anti-rights establishment’s “studies” and anti 2A news articles and adding commentary.

    BTW love what you guys did with the thunder blunder.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL, I just was over a Mikey-Number’s site. He’s been flying solo for the last two days. I suspect Laci the Bannerman has quit as well, and Democommie and Guy Cabot never really contributed much anyway.

      I’m curious if Mike just got fed up with sharing his space with other people. I know for a fact he had no social interest in his co-bloggers.

      • Bill Baldwin says:

        It was dog gone who really pushed the debate and stood out as their spokesperson. mikeb rarely contributes to the conversations other than “think of the kids, man” or “it’s the loopholes”. Occasionally, he’ll get involved. Laci seems to post a couple a days and then take a break. He got beat down with some facts and when the commenter stopped replying to him, laci would post that same question in every post until I called him a stalker. Demo is limited to name calling and making up his own words.

        The day before dog gone left, mikeb changed the comment policy to un-moderated and dog gone loved to moderate comments. There have been several times that my comments wouldn’t get through.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          He’ll moderate them again if you bring up that Mike’s experience with guns was from his time dealing drugs in California, and Possibly New Jersey.

          He doesn’t want people to own guns because in his past life they’d have every good reason to shoot him. And of course gun control is a worthless debate because all the gun control in the world wouldn’t have stopped him from plying his illegal trade.

          When this information first came up he ran up the moderation. If you bring it up again, he’ll do it again. Antis hate the truth, and Mike is one of the greatest examples of why we should roll back the gun control laws.

          Scumbags like him were armed while good people were left defenseless.

  4. RobSmalls says:

    I love how her roller coaster “joke” about disarming ourselves got zero laugh/applause. Other than that, I suppose you can kind of look at it as a glass-half-full type of situation since she does actually enjoy shooting guns, even though it seems only ironically so.

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