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Just because Jason Kilgore AKA: “Baldr Odinson” is a troll and an all-around arrogant prick, I’m really amused by the hubris and stupidity shown here

And here

And lots of good discussion here

Seems that Mr. Kilgore was using his pseudonym to double his support. “Baldr Odinson” would write a post and Jason Kilgore would “like” it. “Baldr Odinson” and Jason Kilgore would often BOTH comment on the same facebook comment thread. They’ve since expired, but there were a bunch of Whitehouse Petitions , and many of the anti-gun ones were written by a “Jason K.” of Oregon, and signed by “Baldr O.” of Oregon (BTW interesting that “Baldr Odinson” *when he’s not in Valhalla* lives in Eugene Oregon, but Jason lives in the suburbs in a small lot bordering a warehouse district), but both of them are in the employ of Joyce front group Ceasefire Oregon.

This is just an extension of the anti-gun behavior. Notice that Joan Peterson is a Brady Campaign Board Member, and a Million Mom March Chapter Leader…AND a key player in the Joyce Foundation astroturf “Protect Minnesota”, three major groups that she’s a key player on.

Of course there’s the fact that NGAC is mostly made up of Active Brady Campaign and Million Mom March active members, or Lori O’Neil being such an anti-rights activists…but activly using the blank twitter account @GunSensus

Any wonder when people say “Gun Owners Support Tougher Gun Laws”, you wonder how many times each head was counted….

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  1. craig says:

    Wow this guy is going to be a martial arts expert? Holy crap. with the lack of discipline his body type suggests, he may have a better chance if he works hard to be a stunt double for Patton Oswalt.

    • 45er says:

      I don’t even think he needs martial arts anymore. He’s got his own back. 🙂

      • Greg Camp says:

        I just looked at the martial arts that he claims for himself and his family. As I commented on that article, the Haganah that his wife practices must be like the guys who dress up in Civil War uniforms and burn charcoal at each other. (Don’t misunderstand me–I have the greatest of respect for such activities.) The Haganah was a Jewish paramilitary organization that got folded into the Israeli Defense Force in 1948.

        What Odious Bubbleson does practice is the fine art of getting his butt kicked.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, I came in at the end of the discussion over at pagun’s, but I think this Jason was causing Crap in the Prepper/Survivalist part of the Blogosphere a few years back, but I could be mistaken.

    And I know we use “Nome’ de Blogs” to keep the bastards from messing with us out in the World. We KNOW that they’d violate Privacy Laws and Hack our sites and make threatening Phone Calls, etc. So Anonymity is important.

    But something hit me this morning. Just how many of these Anti-Gun Blogs ARE there? I keep seeing the same names like Joan and Lori over and over and over. But on the Pro-Gun side, heck, we have Fudds whining about how there’s too many “Gun Bloggers” showing up at the SHOT Show. And some of the Blog Shoots are getting to the “First Come, First Served” stage due to Space Limitations.

    You know, I really think that if they decided to have an “Anti-Gun Blog Meet,” they wouldn’t be able to fill the Corner Booth at Denny’s! And if George Soros’s Joyce Foundation wasn’t feeding them, they couldn’t order a cup of Coffee w/o passing the Hat!

    I’m not saying that they need to be ignored. But if we have to “Know Thy Enemy,” and there aren’t that many, perhaps a list on a Sidebar on the Pro-Gun sites would help to let us take them on in “the Arena of Ideas.” At least the Top Ten, IF there are that many.

    Oh, and check out that Reuter’s Article I sent you this morning. More of the Antis Future Plans have come to life.

  3. I’ve been open about who I am from the beginning, though I’m pretty clear that I speak for myself and not for my employer or the non-profits that I work with – though at least one local anti-gun activist has made some noise about talking to my employer more than once — though I’m not really sure where that’s going to get them…

    • Greg Camp says:

      The same has happened to me. Over at Mikeb302000, both Laci the Dog and Democommie have mentioned calling my employer, and Laci just made noise about reporting me to the ATF. I am, of course, shivering with terror over those threats. . .

  4. I think the whole thing is hilarious. Sockpuppetry? Why do you have to do that? Unless there isn’t anyone else reading you. How lonely do you have to be to make up imaginary friends to “like” your posts?

    There is a certain peace to be had by blogging openly under my real name. What are the anti’s going to do? NC has a castle law amd they know I’m armed.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      “NC has a castle law amd they know I’m armed.”

      In before ‘omg is that a threat!?!’ from the anti’s

      Seriously, I know they read these blogs, wait for it to appear on twitter.

  5. mike says:

    Here’s another example of Jason Kilgore/Baldr Odinson in action:

  6. Joe Mama says:

    I think he “studied” by watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Saturday mornings.

  7. Linoge says:

    Me, I just cannot wrap my head around the stupidity of someone who would actually bind his moniker to his carbon name, and then whinge when people actually sit up and take notice. He outed himself. He provided all the evidence in the world. This slip-up rests squarely on his head. And he violated copyright rules and Facebook rules to do it, and is continuing to violate them as we speak.

    I guess this explains why anti-rights cultists like Jason are always so eager to blame inanimate objects like firearms – it absolves them of the wrongdoing they know they commit.

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  10. Ron says:

    Now this “Baldr Odinson” is infesting one of our local news websites (kval.com) with his insane trolling. He needs to be exposed.

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