Pretty Typical

I thought this little exchange was very typical of the antis. So Joan starts off with a discussion on how dangerous and horrible people who carry guns are.

Of course like most Anecdotal stories the antis use to incite horror. #1. Nobody was hurt and #2. Serious charges were leveled against the person abusing their rights.

When you have a scenario like that, where nobody is hurt but the person committing the crime there are only two possible observations about the relationship between the crime and the punishment. A) The law is just right, or B) The law is too strict. You can’t say the law is too lax, because the person getting “harmed” the most is the person being punished by the law.

In this case it sounds like a guy who picked a fight and was using a gun as a threat to get the person he picked a fight with in the first place to back down. These are VERY bad, and easily avoidable situations, so honestly I won’t lose much sleep over this guy.

Now the fun continues in the comments when Bryan Strawser points out the standard fact that as a population conceal carry permit holders commit crime at a lower rate than the general population. As a rule they commit crime at a lower rate than the police, and most certainly less than the population of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Joan Responds to this with:

Ridiculous. Give me sources. We have gone around about this before. It is a totally stupid and irrelevant argument and not true.

So he does. Touche! Her response:

Good grief, Bryan. We’ve gone over this before. I am saying that permit holders are not who you guys have said they are. They are not all careful people. They have misused their guns many times and been involved in plenty of shootings. As to overall crime, they may not be more apt to be involved in more crime acts than non permit holders. But non permit holders aren’t carrying their guns around in public. Also, we don’t always get good figures on this stuff because laws have included keeping this stuff private. We often find out that a permit holder has done something wrong when it hits the papers and then it is revealed. You have totally missed my point. As to Mayors, we’ve gone over that before too. You guys just love that one but it’s not true. Try as you might you can’t convince the public that Mayors in MAIG have been involved in criminal activity. I am thinking of the ones I know in Minnesota. It is not true. And what’s the point of bringing that up? Just because you hate the mayors who have some common sense doesn’t mean you have to trash them and find them guilty of crimes.

LOL look at that straw-man presented. Bryan presents data of permit holders as a statistical body, while Joan presents the worst case incident she can find and projects that misdeed across the whole population. Oh BTW since a large number of gun control mayors have engaged in violent and felonious crimes we can’t paint the whole gun control movement with that.

Please don’t bother, Bryan. I’m done with you for now. We’ve gone over this before. It is not true and I won’t publish it. As I said, it’s time for you to do something else now.

Note this is a key player in the Brady Campaign nationally, and the number one anti-rights advocate in Minnesota who also uses a lot of her influence to make life miserable for the good people of Wisconsin.

I think its VERY important to get such reactions out of them so we can show the world how their side operates and let the people see if it matches how THEY see the world.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    “Yo, Sammy, this here Blog sez Joan Peterson sez Non-Permit Holders don’t carry their Guns around in Public. How come we carry Guns w/o a Permit?”

    “Dummy, we are Bad MoFo Thug Gangstas, we don’t need no stinkin’ Permits!”

    I swear, if you told Peterson that the NRA said that Man landed on the Moon, she deny it, just because the fact came from the NRA.

  2. Pat says:

    I’m assuming she’ll be in St Paul to testify against the numerous pro-gun bills before this legislature this year. I’m going to try and interview her either before or after one of the hearings…she’s even better in person!

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Pat, I’d make sure your Shots are up to date, you wear Gloves and a Mask, and head straight to the Range afterwards. Science hasn’t discovered how “Peterson Syndrome” is Transmitted, so just use Preventative Measures, okay?

  4. RWC says:

    Is the first link broke?

  5. chiefjaybob says:

    I sure am glad you and others keep after her on this garbage. Just reading these quotes you publish makes my head hurt. She is, without a doubt, severely mentally ill, but functional. Eeef.

  6. Greg Camp says:

    Arguing with Joan Peterson is like arguing with a child. She wimpers and screams and puts her fingers in her ears. I have to wonder if Dog Gone from Mikeb302000 will testify as well.

    Mikeb tried the same kind of nonsense about an incident in Kansas. We have a man who did something wrong with a handgun. Mikeb says that we don’t know if this man has a carry license, so he must have had one. He must be included in statistics of licensees who do bad things.

    This kind of “reasoning” is akin to saying that I have no money on my desk at the moment. Therefore, I can buy a car with the money on my desk.

  7. Instinct says:

    oh, and “Baldr Odinson” showed up to support her. Yay, so now she has someone in the echo chamber to sing soprano with her.

    I am sure my comment won’t be published, but you never know 😀

    • RWC says:

      “oh, and “Baldr Odinson” showed up to support her. Yay, so now she has someone in the echo chamber to sing soprano with her.”

      A super hero at that!!

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  9. SGB says:

    Facts don’t sway fanatics. She is a fanatic.

  10. Pyrotek85 says:

    “I am saying that permit holders are not who you guys have said they are. They are not all careful people.”

    So we’re supposed to guarantee each individual’s behavior or we’re all to be shamed and punished? I’m not going to apologize for what other people do, not now and not ever.

    Why doesn’t she go and preach to the people who actually misused guns? Or is that too dangerous a prospect for her?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep any bad behavior from somebody with a carry permit is grounds to ban carry, and any time somebody shoots up a “gun-free-zone”, that’s no reason to say the rules are bad!

      See gunnies have standards, antis have DOUBLE Standards which is obviously TWICE as good!

  11. Thanks for the props – I thoroughly enjoyed that comment thread.

    You cannot refute hard evidence – and the hard evidence goes directly against her point. But then the story gets changed, and… well I’m not really sure where she was trying to go from there.

    I have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and focused on analysis of crime data — there’s definitely a great opportunity for research in the academic world around this topic. Or in one’s free time 😉

    Your link to Joan’s post is hosed up by the way 🙂 And if you want to link to my blog, it’s 😉

  12. Linoge says:

    You guys just love that one but it’s not true. Try as you might you can’t convince the public that Mayors in MAIG have been involved in criminal activity.

    Really, I am at something of a loss over those comments. At least 15 mayors of the approximately 600 members of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns have been found guilty of criminal conduct, have plead guilty to criminal conduct, or are awaiting trial regarding criminal conduct. That criminal conduct has ranged from trademark counterfeiting to resisting arrest to extortion and tax fraud to sexual assault on a child.

    This is a fact. This is not up for debate.

    Now, maybe the sentence following this quote applies to this quote… personally I feel as though it applies to the sentence immediately following it (that she knows of no criminal conduct amongst the Minnesota mayors, and thus there cannot be any criminal conduct amongst any of the mayors), but given Joan’s particularly unclear and confusing writing style, it is difficult to determine what she meant at all.

    Aside from her standard refusal to accept reality / facts that run contrary to her personal beliefs.

    Now, given the fact that 15 of the 600 MAIG members have committed or are under investigation for criminal conduct, on average the members of MAIG are less law-abiding than both handgun carry permit holders in TN and concealed carry license holders in FL.

    Again, this is a fact.

    This does not, however, tell us anything about the future behavior of MAIG members, or HCP holders, or anything of the sort, as Joan and her despicable ilk seem inveterately incapable of comprehending. But it does show that by focusing on the generally-law-abiding handgun carry permit holders and their brethren, the “gun control” extremists really are not paying attention to who is committing the crimes.

    No wonder they are so violently thuggish when we point that out to them.

    (Also, the link “error” is due to not putting “http://” before the “www.” part of the link – add that in, and everything will be golden. Also also, this is intentionally the way HTML was set up, and is not the fault of WordPress :).)

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