Quote of the Day: Bryan

This quote from Bryan Strawser says it all:

I didn’t live in Minnesota when our current carry law was passed in 2003 – but the folks that were heavily involved in getting it passed are quite sure they never said anything like that.

But there does exist good video of some state legislators and our local activist friends talking about “blood in the streets”….

The anti-rights cult likes to point to any violent act by a gun owner who was otherwise lawful as a damnation of every lawful gun owner. They frequently cry some variation of “You said all gun owners would follow the law!”

Of course nobody said this. Its a straw man.

On the other hand its well documented all the instances where the cult claims that relaxing a gun law, will result in “Blood in the streets” “People having gun battles over parking spaces” and “Old West Style Shootouts”.

Of course those statements are demonstrably false!

The core of the anti-freedom ideology is lies!

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  1. Thanks 😉

    I find very little honesty out of our local anti-gun activists here in Minnesota.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    What a pity Joel Rosenberg’s not still around to tear them new ones.

  3. Linoge says:

    Joan – along with the rest of her various anti-rights ilk – lies; it is the only thing she can do, since the facts of the situation certainly do not do her side any credit.

    • TS says:

      I don’t think she lies. What was that George Costanza line? “It is not a lie… if you believe it.”

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Maybe on the surface. Joan strikes me as somebody with some mental issues…but she doesn’t seem SO crazy that she simply can’t see the arguments being raised against her.

        Hell, like everybody else in the anti-rights camp, she spins wild rebuttals against them, and builds up Straw Men to tear down. Its hard for somebody to be both throwing up defense tactics AND be totally unaware of a threat…

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