Quote of the Day: Molonlabe

Over at Joan’s place. The fact that she published it at all really gets me scratching my head. You think she only got 6 comments on that post, 3 of which are her claiming the sky is indeed green and has always been that way. “Molonlabe” pegs her, but good:

35% of ALL domestic violence deaths in MN via a gun doesn’t have the same wow factor.

Joan is an “advocate against domestic violence”, of course I have to use the quote marks because only 35% of those dead people are the “Right Kind of Victims”.

For all those other victims, well…

Remember, we’re the heartless ones, we’re the ones who don’t care! There’s no evidence of that, just “The foolish gray-haired MN liar” said so…and well since her sister died 20 years ago, she gets a free pass on lying!

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  1. SGB says:

    She’s a despicable person.

    • Jake says:


      In 2011, 23 Minnesota women died from domestic violence and at least 4 children died from domestic violence. In addition, 6 family members/friends died and 1 man died as well from domestic violence. A brief synopsis of each woman and child’s death was included in the report. Of the 23 domestic violence deaths, 12 were due to gunshot injuries. [emphasis mine]

      Apparently, “the right kind of victim” doesn’t include children killed by domestic violence, much less men or “family members/friends”*.

      Despicable. She is just an evil woman.

      * What the heck is the point of that distinction, anyway? They’re still dead, and it’s still domestic violence.

      • Bill Baldwin says:

        * What the heck is the point of that distinction, anyway? They’re still dead, and it’s still domestic violence.

        It matters to Joan. Only gun deaths get scored and if it’s domestic violence, she gives it an extra point. If a dozen people were hacked to death with an ax, she wouldn’t care, if one of those people were married to the hacker, that would be her focus.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    I think it’s more remarkable that 65% of the “domestic violence deaths” didn’t involve a Dreaded Gun.

  3. TS says:

    What really gets me is that she’ll go on an on about “dangerous rhetoric” yet she is the one who claims you can murder anyone who steps onto your property and be protected under castle doctrine laws. My God, what if someone actually believes her?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You know, that’s a good point.

      As for her Blog and tweets the only people who even know she exists are heavily pro-gun people who know the law, and people who wet themselves when they see a gun.

      But Joan does make appearances on TV under her various paid positions….that is pretty scary!

    • She wants them to believe her. That way she has one more “Gun Violence” victum who’s blood she can dance in.


  4. In my experience, most of the women who are killed due to domestic violence are the ones who don’t leave*. They stay and stay, making excuses, until eventually they are killed. Getting rid of guns would do nothing to fix this. Teaching women to value themselves enough that they refuse to accept violent behaviour in their mate is the only thing that will help.


    * This includes women who stay past the first few Domestic Violence events, and then eventually try to leave, as I believe was the case with Joan’s sister.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep 100% agree! If you are in an abusive relationship, if you don’t leave eventually SOMEBODY will die.

      If you are in a violent house GET OUT! If you have kids TAKE THEM WITH YOU! Your life could depend on it.

      Seek help, there’s lots of it out there from REAL people who care.

      • Pyrotek85 says:

        Except they’ll say we’re ‘blaming the victim’. The fact is many of these domestic cases aren’t out of the blue, they can see it coming but they refuse to for whatever reason.

        It’s still tragic and it’s still not their fault, but we shouldn’t act like they had no control over the outcome.

  5. Tio Volatito says:

    The problem for Joan and Brady Inc. is that you can’t raise money trying to ban bats, pipes, fists, knives, rope, bathtubs… According to the CDC, there were 16,788 homicides in 2009. Of those, 11,493 were committed with a firearm. So, the national % of homicides (domestic or otherwise) committed with a firearm is about 68%. If 35% or even 50% of MN homicides in domestic situations are committed with a gun, then women and children at risk for domestic violence have a lower probability of being killed with a gun than the national average. Who needs a gun when you’re big and the victim is small? Of course, any murder is terrible. But to focus on guns and not the criminal is absurd.

  6. 45er says:

    Sorry, I just had to make a comment over there. So, just in case the black hole of “reasoned discourse” sucks it in:

    Looks like molonlabe kind of nailed it. As Twain and Disraeli said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, dam%ed lies, and statistics.” I guess you can make them say whatever you want, but the bell at the top right of the page doesn’t seem to toll for the majority when you marginalize them with the stats.

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