Too Many Victims

So Joan Peterson is obviously upset that our simple counter protest went better than her massive organizations joint-effort snit went. So she complains.

And this, my friends, is how the gun rights extremists reacted to a nation wide vigil with thousands of victims and others lighting candles and ringing bells. Cynical, stupid, wrong-headed, rude, twisted, ridiculous…. These folks think of themselves as clever and want to get into the faces of victims and gun violence prevention organizations. It is not funny. And they are uncomfortable when the focus is on victims. I wonder why? They don’t like victims because victims is what this is all about. There are too many victims. The video above is so immature and ridiculous as to make the public wonder what kind of country we live in. These folks could have just sat back and shut up. But they needed to mock. They felt a need to try to call attention to themselves. If they think this helped, they are sadly mistaken. And they are wrong. Victims matter. If the public begins to realize just how many victims there are, they might just demand common sense from elected leaders. If elected leaders truly realize the impact of gun violence on our American society, they might just act. So mocking victims and making fun of serious and emotional vigils is just plain tasteless.

You want to talk about victims? How about A Girl and Her Gun who was mugged, and now carries a gun so she won’t have to be at the mercy of a monster ever again. How about Sarah and Cee who sent a home invader packing with a 9mm JHP? Or Caleb who was glad to have more than just a cup of coffee when he encountered a knife-wielding mugger. Or Robb, who rather than posting a picture of his snazzy Glock 20, or his new M&P40, or his limeted edition Gunblog 45…he posted his Dan Wesson .357.

What makes this particular picture special is that what you see is an actual firearm that was used to prevent violence. As a ‘gun violence survivor’, I am alive today because I had that particular Dan Wesson .357 in my car while driving up to reserve duty. Had I not had that pistol in my front seat, I would have surely been dead or severely wounded when two thugs decided I was disrespecting them by not driving off the road to get out of their way not only threatened me but the passenger decided to show me exactly what they meant.

Or Tam who’s well known for her S&W Revolvers, her 1911s, and her recent switch to an M&P, but there was one day when she found that pepper spray wasn’t enugh, but a Glock 23 was the tool she needed.

Or the Young Widow that had to shoot a knife-wielding thug to protect her young baby!

Or the Kroger Manager who shot a violent thief who was taking hostages and threatening lives.

Or these people who were held hostage by a rocked-up bank-robber. Go read the whole story. Do you think those people maybe wished they had something a little more substantial than an clothes iron, and some guile? (h/t to Maddmedic for that story)

No we talk about victims too, Joan. We also don’t Mock, as you claim. We respect, but where we part ways is we talk about SOLUTIONS. Joan will PRETEND to talk solutions. She’s talked about her murdered sister when talking about background checks, gun bans, magazine bans, carry bans, and mental health reporting, among other things. Not yet has she ever mentioned a law, proposal, or idea that if implemented before the time of her sister’s murder would have done a damn thing.

Meanwhile I just talked about several people who’s lives would have been MUCH worse off had they not had the tools to defend themselves. Meanwhile your group has Collin Goddard, a man who was shot by a lunatic in a gun-free zone, who is seeking to inflict all sorts of laws that will make more people as helpless as he was, or simply restrict freedom for ZERO gain.

Oh and we talk about solutions to VIOLENCE and to CRIME, or “Gun Violence” and “Gun Crime”, a made-up metric who’s irrelevance Joan can’t or won’t understand.

How is that smart, or showing “Common Sense”?

Sorry Joan, we show respect for the victims, you dance in their blood.

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  1. Jack says:

    Joan’s subtext is pretty plain.

    She’s jealous and angry that some “no name” person like you can eclipse her organization and subvert her attempt to wave the bloody shirt.

    The anti’s are quite class conscious and they would see your actions as “being above your station.” The average people (unless they’re in the sanctified victim class) are not supposed to lead protest movements anymore than they’re supposed to own guns.

    ‘They don’t like victims because victims is what this is all about. ”

    Yeah we don’t like people being victimized which is why we encourage people to get tools that help keep them from becoming victims.
    As a potential victim which side has more to offer? Hmmm

  2. Dwight Brown says:

    “You want to talk about victims?”

    To your list, Weer’d, I’d add the woman in New York who died screaming and on fire after some punk sprayed gasoline on her.

    And the young girl in California who died screaming and in terror while her family listened to her being stabbed to death by some half-ass “ninja”.

    “They don’t like victims because victims is what this is all about.”

    Absolutely correct, for once. That’s what this is all about. We’re trying to prevent people from becoming victims. Joan and her ilk like victims and want to make more of them for their own political ends.

  3. Thirdpower says:

    “These folks could have just sat back and shut up.”

    Because that’s the only way people like her can succeed, by living in echo chambers w/o any opposition whatsoever.

  4. Pyrotek85 says:

    I’m sure her response to those examples is something like ‘we don’t know FOR SURE that those people would have been wounded or killed!’.

  5. Critter says:

    It’s not fair!!! You’re not funney!!!! You’re being mean!!!

    These are the cries of little children who are screaming and pounding their little fists in a tantrum trying to get the adults to let them have their way, nothing more. Infantalization is a major tactic in the leftist playbook. They want to keep all of us as dependent children of the State and so show us they way by acting childish.

    Thank you Ms. Peterson, but I had to grow up a long time ago.

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  7. William says:

    I think Joan wants to inflict pain on others. Her sister was killed and now she wants our loved ones dead so she is not alone in her pain. She is a ghoul and a vulture. Her sustenance is death. She cannot tolerate any effort to deprive her of the food and fame she won by standing on her sister’s corpse.

  8. Linoge says:

    These folks could have just sat back and shut up.

    And that cute little throwaway line, right there, says it all. Not only does Joan want to destroy our rights as protected by the Second Amendment, she likewise wants to destroy our rights as protected by the First Amendment as well. As many of us have maintained for years now, if you cannot or do not respect one part of the Constitution, you cannot or do not respect any of it.

    The hilarious irony in all of this, of course, is that Joan wants armed police and government agents to enforce her will upon the populace. I simply will never comprehend that mindset…

  9. Daniel in Brookline says:

    I know next to nothing about this woman Joan… yet, reading her words, I kept remembering —

    Q. How many radical feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

    No, gun victims are not funny. But neither is an attempt to claim that anti-gun laws work, and an armed citizenry doesn’t.

    Very eloquently put, WB! I don’t think you changed her mind. But if her mind was even a little bit open, I think you would have.

    Daniel in Brookline

  10. Phil Wong says:

    “Victims matter. If the public begins to realize just how many victims there are, they might just demand common sense from elected leaders. If elected leaders truly realize the impact of gun violence on our American society, they might just act.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but this quote seems like a glimpse behind the veil – victims DO matter, but as a means for the anti-gun-rights/anti-self-defense movement to acheive their goal of a disarmed, controlled, regimented, regulated populace; and the more pitiful and pathetic(in the classic sense of being “fraught with pathos,” not in the pejorative sense) the victims are seen to be, the more effective they are as a means toward the end goal…

    (p.s. Captcha P8M7 – dyslexic German squeeze-cocker?)

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