Quote of the day: Tam

She has a point:

I’d rather have today’s teens reading about the dangers of oppressive governments and needing arms to revolt against them than daydreaming about being date-raped by the undead.

I wasn’t planning on seeing the movies, but I may change my mind.

I saw the first Twilight movie on Netflix just because I was curious, and a close friend of mine is a High School teacher who had some serious reservations about the sick messages and role models being portrayed in the Twilight books.

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  1. Firehand says:

    Daughter read the first book to see what the fuss was about; she was disgusted, and made no bones about saying so; for pretty much the reasons you note.

  2. bluesun says:

    I saw the first one because I happened to be in the same room as a bunch of people who were watching it for the reasons your friend the teacher had. There weren’t enough explosions or space ships for my taste, if you’ll remember my comments from a few days back…

  3. SGB says:

    Haven’t seen any of them but I read a review of the Hunger Games and liked the underlying message.

  4. I despise Twilight and adore Hunger Games. Read the Hunger Games trilogy and go watch the movie! I doubt you’d be disappointed.

  5. Old Windways says:

    I haven’t read the books, but the girlfriend talked me into going to the movie Friday night. I enjoyed it (though not nearly as much as she did) and the books are on my to-read list now. I thought it took a lot of inspiration from Battle Royale, but in my book, that’s a good thing.

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