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I thought I’d share this.

The mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has filed papers seeking to trademark two slogans based on his name.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings by Sybrina Fulton are for the sayings “I Am Trayvon” and “Justice For Trayvon.” The applications were filed last week.

The applications say the trademarks could be used for such things as DVDs and CDs. Attorneys who filed the papers did not immediately respond Monday to emails seeking comment.

I know the Family is grieving, I won’t put it past them being manipulated by people who make such theatrics their vocation.

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  1. SGB says:

    I’m sure they were advised by one of their new “best friends” to trademark this stuff. I wonder how much of a cut the best friends get?

  2. RWC says:

    “I won’t put it past them being manipulated by people who make such theatrics their vocation.”

    Exactly. Vultures won’t pass up on a free meal.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    In an interview, the mother said, “they killed my son.” This thing is spiralling out of control, not that “they” are involved.

  4. What “they” would she be talking about? Zimmerman isn’t fat enough to be considered a “they”.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      He is too! Remember Zimmerman is a fat “White Man” in an orange perp-suit, and Martin is an 11 year old Cherub-Faced angel with an impeccable school record.

      • RWC says:

        He was a fat white man that was able to chase down a wiry 6 foot black kid who played football. Must have ran the 40 in 32 seconds or something.

        I wish they would keep their narrative consistent.

        • Tam says:

          Wait, I thought athletic Martin chased and beat down Zimmerman before getting shot?

          • Weerd Beard says:

            Whatever happened was in those 60 seconds of “???” between Zimmerman losing sight of Martin and telling police to call him on his cell when they get on site, and Martin sitting on Zimmerman’s chest beating the tar out of him while he shouted to neighbors for help…

      • I’ve seen those pics, he looked to be in the two hundred and some zone. You don’t get mistakenly refered to as a “they” simply for being fat util you are within reach of 350 or 400. Much more than 5 bills gets you your own zip code.

        I’ve looked into this being a rather… large boned… gentleman myself.


  5. Tam says:

    Two potential devil’s advocate reasons:
    1) There were already people out there selling stuff with these slogans on it and she didn’t want them making a buck on her dead kids name, and…
    2) Lawsuits are not necessarily free, and anybody who thinks she won’t be looking at Zimmerman across a civil courtroom is kidding themselves.

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