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Meanwhile, over here where we have Gun Control, a kid jumped over a school fence and knifed another kid to death. That’s (rightly) making more news over here than your shooting.

Here’s the story he’s talking about

A pupil was stabbed to death and three others injured at a Cape Town school on Tuesday during an alleged gang fight at Beauvallon Secondary School in Valhalla Park.

The Grade 9 pupil, Raylynn Fortuin, 16, died on the scene, clutching his grandmother’s hand.

Police confirmed the incident which occurred on the school’s premises during break when another pupil wearing casual clothes is believed to have jumped over the school’s fencing.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said a 16-year-old suspect had since been arrested. “Police are still searching for two other suspects who managed to escape arrest,” he said.

“Three other children also around 16 years old were injured during the scuffle, but two fled … and another was treated on the scene,” he said.

Now note that South Africa has ridiculous (and racist in origin) gun control laws, its also #1 in per-capita “Gun Death” making it an “Uncivilized Nation” by Anti-Rights bigoted standards.

I’m sure, given that it s a commonwealth nation there are also heavy restrictions on carrying of knives. Still we have a school stabbing.

The antis don’t care, as its not a “Gun Death”, only “Gun Death” counts.

Not the tools, its the people!

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