Race is a Social Construct

The Zimmerman shooting is really driving me nuts with this whole pedantic race nonsense.

Race is 100% a social construct. If your race is defined as X in one nation, but as something different in another. A Close friend of mine is considered “Indian” or “East Indian” by my American standards. He’s “Punjabi” by the standards of India, and when he traveled to South Africa he was suddenly “Colored”. Further under the modern affirmative action standards he’s essentially “White”, despite his ethnic looks. My Canadian ancestors were Québécois which they held as an important distinction between the English Speaking people of Canada, but just regular “White”. My Wife’s family is a mixture of Italian and Irish, both 2nd Class citizens heavily discriminated against in the early part of the 20th Century, but now are just “White” today. We still use the term “Guinea” as a slur against the Moorish occupation of Southern Europe, and their darker skin. Guinea is a nation in Africa, and calling an Italian a “Guinea” or some variation thereof is claiming they are more African than European. Of course in America a dark-skinned Italian is still “White”.

Further we’re heavily involved in the Middle East, and we simply use the term “Middle Eastern” as a race, yet if you call an Arab a “Persian” or a Persian an “Arab”, they will be deeply offended, but we see no difference as a culture. Same with the Tutsi and Hutu people of Rwanda.

Then comes all the nonsense of what is “Hispanic” and other such thing. I was told by a Police Officer that he filled out an arrest report of a Haitian immigrant as a “Black Hispanic”. Except they were dark skinned, and spoke French as their native tongue… I work with a Guarani guy (which BTW I supplied the link because nobody in America knows what a “Guarani” is…he’s just “Hispanic”…tho Guarani is his first language) with a Jewish last name. I work with a Porto Rican with blond hair and blue eyes and a Spanish Accent. I work with a ton or Portuguese people, which in this section of the country “Portagee”, or “Porkchop” are common slurs to be heard slung around. Of course nationally speaking they are considered “Latino”. (BTW you want to piss off a Portuguese person, call them a “Latino”)

And then in America we are a great melting pot. Our President is Part Kenyan African part Kansas white (and Knowing the Dunham family is from Kansas, I would be surprise if wasn’t some American Indian in her family line….Further how silly is it that a Choctaw or a Sioux Indian is the same race as a Micmac or Penobscot Indian!) and while I have white skin, I have relatives from all over Europe.

Are you confused yet? Maybe we can quit this Pedantic bullshit when talking about what EXACT race George Zimmerman is? In this case his race has about as much to do with the story as his shoe size, or the frame color of his Kel-tek. (I hear he used the black frame…but maybe it was the grey, or the OD green….)

Race is 100% in the eye of the beholder, and therefore completely subjective. and by “Subjective” I mean “Bullshit”.

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  1. RWC says:

    Well, whatever race Joe Oliver is I am sure his name will be ‘house nigg*r’, ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘Toby’, etc… by the end of the day.


    I have to say, that guy is brave.

  2. Greg Camp says:

    Add to this that race in terms of biology is meaningless, with the exception of a few genetic diseases. What matters are culture and behavior. Many in America are ready to leave race in the past, but some have to keep it as the central fact of all of our lives.

  3. Serious Gun says:

    The pimps of race who have built careers and substantial fortunes on playing the race card cannot afford to leave race alone. It is their default position on every subject.

  4. Cargosquid says:

    So true. I was a census taker and the reactions that I got trying to explain the US concept of race to illegal aliens from Central America was PRICELESS. When they realized that they could be “white” they jumped at the chance. We had no box for Meztizo or Indio. They weren’t “Hispanic” as they denied having “spanish blood”.

    We had blond indios because a grandfather had his way with an mayan woman and we had indian “whites” because their family could trace their families back to Spain.

    I learned to never, ever, EVER call an Okinawan man…Japanese, while stationed there.

    O’bama’s (spelled that way on purpose) is as Irish as a Kennedy since his grandfather on his mother’s side is Irish…..

    And then there was Michael. He was an immigrant from South Africa on my ship. He was PROUDLY African-American. Blond. Blue eyes. PALE skin. Certain people became ROUTINELY pissed when he said that he was African-American and then would inquire where THEY were from.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    My ENTIRE Genetic Heritage is Hungarian. Which means my Female Ancestors were probably Raped by Mongols, Turks, Germans, Russians and any other Invading Force that decided to pass through the area. But I guess being Homo Sapiens Sapiens isn’t good enough anymore….

  6. Erin Palette says:

    I fear that the only way we will ever be a color-blind society is if we mandate interracial marriage until everyone is a uniform shade of light gray. Which to me would be a pity, because there’s so much beauty and diversity among the races.

    • Erin, read a book called “Ghost” by Piers Anthony. It’s science fiction, and the premise is that to control overpopulation, all the Earth’s countries decided together to make it illegal to marry within one’s own race. Within a generation or two, anyone too obviously of non-mixed heritage was discriminated against.

      • Erin Palette says:

        Yeah, the short version is pretty much “Humans are flawed, prejudiced beings, and we will always find something about another person or group to discriminate against.”

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  10. john smith says:

    You people are brainwashed morons. Of course there is such a thing as race. A social construct? Hillarious! You have been brainwashed by the jewish liberal agenda and mainstream media. Wake up and smell the reality. This ‘race is just a social construct’ crap is driving me nuts. Retards!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Of course racist people like yourself will be sickened by that! How else can you keep your hatred alive?

      Also in this nation of affirmative action those Jews you hate so much are considered “white” as well.

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