Scott Brown: Just Go Away!

I officially hate Scott Brown. He campaigned as a conservative and used the support of the national Tea Party chapters. His big campaign issue was he would vote against Obamacare. Recently he told me he “Supports The Second Amendment” by being anti-gun and anti-freedom, and now this.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said he supports President Barack Obama’s decision to name Richard Cordray as the nation’s chief consumer watchdog despite the objections of Brown’s fellow Senate Republicans.

I’ll be voting against Senator Brown in November. He has broken every promise, and has shown himself to be a despicable human being.

When I was talking about this with Jay, Jay noted that for me to vote AGAINST Senator Brown I’d need to vote for the moonbat “Progressive” who’s running against him.

I asked Jay to name a single vote that Scott Brown made that Leftist Puppet Martha Coakley wouldn’t have made?

I extend that same question to my Massachusetts readers who will be voting in November.

Also I’ll point out that with Scott Brown in office it will require a successful Massachusetts GOP Nomination challenge to get anything but a leftist scumbag in that seat (The current occupant included), and I don’t see this happening. Putting a green, idiot “Progressive” in the seat is the ONLY move that will keep Scott Brown to be sitting in that seat in his turncoat “Progressive” 70s, as a better-looking Barny Frank, or John Kerry.

Meanwhile Elisabeth Warren is a CarpetBagger from Oklahoma, a College Professor, and a general Leftist Useful Idiot. Her first term as a Senator won’t be any different than Scott Brown as Brown will ALWAYS vote with the Marxists, and hopefully her first term will be her last. Meanwhile if Scott Brown gets re-elected, the chances of him never being successfully opposed again is a very strong possibility. Remember, the man who held that seat before him was a murderer, a drunk, and a rapist.

I look forward to seeing your concession speech, Senator Brown, you’re a disgrace to the Senate, To the Uniform you wear for the US Army, and to the Country.

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  1. “Meanwhile if Scott Brown gets re-elected, the chances of him never being successfully opposed again is a very strong possibility. Remember, the man who held that seat before him was a murderer, a drunk, and a rapist.”

    Disagree. Scott Brown doesn’t have the major qualification that contributed to his drunken murdering rapist predecessors longevity, a Democratic party affiliation.

  2. karrde says:

    Is there a credible (or even moon-batty) opponent capable of running against Brown in the primary?

    It’s rare, but it’s the best way to give an incumbent a smack upside the head. Or force a replacement.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Not now, right now in November it’ll Brown vs. This thing, and I’ll be voting for the thing.

      And really the Republican Party in Massachusetts is horribly fragmented and really only serves as the Party of Opposition here. It certainly doesn’t have any direction enough to run any sort of coup against a sitting solon unless they’re a total monster, and in that case the Democrats would DEVOUR them.

  3. McThag says:

    I’ve got one for the Republican Party. Stop letting people who don’t agree with you even 10% run on a Republican ticket. There’s nothing that says they have to give him a dime just because he CLAIMS he’s a republican.

    The “party purity” tests are OK with me. I want to know what I am getting if I pull the R lever. I want there to be some damn givens associated with the R.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is a valid statement. Its one thing to say you’ll never vote for somebody because they’re totally messed up on one or two issues, while they’re totally solid on most of your points. Again I was a fan of Hermon Cain, tho he made some serious gaffes, and was not terribly solid on guns. He seemed to have both the confidence and the guile to really shake up the system like the tax code and public entitlements.

      And somebody like Rick Perry who’s awesome on guns, and carries regularly, but wants to kill the homos and has no issues with allowing illegal aliens get public funds and vaccinate children without parental consent.

  4. Gay_Cynic says:

    RUN FOR SENATE, WEERD! (Or make JayG do it…)

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