Sidebar Update

You’ll note over on my sidbar I have a new link to the Balloon Goes Up Store.

The store offers good gear at good prices, and I’m proud to be giving him some help!

I’ll occasionally be giving recommendations for products from his store to consider.

Today I’ll talk about the Kershaw Scallion by Ken Onion. My wife just recently bought this, she thought it would be a gift for me, but it never got that far. Its a small knife with a mild assisted opening system. My wife has small hands so prefers a smaller knife and this knife fits her hands really well. Also she’s not a knife freak, so she doesn’t have a ton of confidence with both deploying blades or closing assisted blades with strong springs. This knife is the perfect mix for her. The assist gives her that extra help in getting the blade into play, but doesn’t require much force to close.

Also the flipper tab works as a blade guard when the knife is locked open, meaning you have a bit more safety when cutting AND it can be used as a defensive edge.

Give it a look, and click the link so they know who sent you. Also that helps me out as a blogger, so double-bonus!

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