This is how anti-rights people think…or don’t think.

Gun dealers don’t allow loaded guns in their stores, why does Starbucks allow loaded guns in theirs?

And then he doubles-down when questioned.

Yeah, let’s ask the largest gun retailers in US–Walmart, Dick’s, Cabela’s, etc. Do they allow loaded guns in their stores?

I don’t know many gun shops where the employees aren’t carrying behind the counter, and the Gun shop and the gun club are really the only public places where its socially acceptable to pull your garment up to expose your carry piece. otherwise its open-carry or conceal carry.

And of course As far as I know there are no Dick’s or Cabela’s stores than ban carry by customers, and its a bit of gunnie cliche that most people do their first outing after getting their permit is to go shopping at Home Depot or Walmart.

Antis are really bright people.

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  1. bluesun says:

    Research people, RESEARCH! It doesn’t just mean “Repeating the noises that come out of my ass!”

  2. Pat says:

    Never been challenged at Cabelas, Dicks, Gander Mountain, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, Starbucks, Walgreeens, CVS, Target…then again, I rarely open carry, nor make political statements about firearms while I’m in their stores.

    Of course, firearms being brought in for service/sale are a different story, and SHOULD be unloaded before being brought in. Apparently “common sense” somehow equates to a “no-guns” policy.

  3. maddmedic says:

    We win…
    Walked into Cabela’s once and set the alarm off. Employee gave me a quizzical look and I shrugged my shoulders and said”My carry weapon?”
    He said “Probably” and “Can I help you find anything?”.

    For some thinking just does not work..
    And logic hurts..

  4. Jake says:

    They should go to my gun dealer. He has signs up around the store warning that “Employees and/or Customers may be armed.”

    And are Walmart, Dick’s, Cabela’s, etc. really “the largest gun retailers in US”? They may be some of the largest retailers in the US, but I suspect that guns are a very, very small fraction of their business, and they’re certainly not their central focus. They’re not “gun retailers”, they’re retailers who carry guns as one part of their inventory.

    Heck, didn’t Walmart drop actual guns from their inventory for several years? I don’t think they even had a noticeable dip in their bottom line when that happened.

  5. Pat says:

    Ok, now the next boycott will be national retailers who respect gun laws in their state of business.

    Oh boy….the logic, it hurts….

  6. Greg Camp says:

    Back when I lived in Nashville, I went to a hardware store to get a tool to remove some stripped hex bolts. I’d bought a Ruger Superblackhawk that some idiot had attached a scope mount to, so I got a deal on the thing. Anyway, when I told an employee what I was trying to do, he said to bring in the gun from my truck so we could find the right tool for the job. Ah, living in gun friendly areas. . .

    With regard to carrying in stores, though, I’ve never seen a sign at Wal-Mart banning concealed carry (we don’t allow open carry in Arkansas in most places), nor have I seen one at any sporting goods store. There’s a pawn shop in the area that bans loaded guns–guess how much of my business they get. My favorite gun store locally knows me well, having taken a good deal of my money, and the employees never have a problem with guns open or concealed. They know I’m going to spend money in a store that welcomes me.

  7. Joel says:

    Where I live the nearest Wally World would have to throw out half the customers if it banned concealed carry. The only time I ever even thought about it was when I was open-carrying at the Wal-Mart and wondered if there would be an issue.

    Nobody said a word.

    As for a regular gun shop banning carry guns? Except maybe in a place like Southern California, where carry guns are pretty much illegal anyway and the indoor ranges have some bizarre rules, that’s just a laugh.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      When I go to Cabella’s I play “Spot the carry bulge”, on the street I’d never catch so many people packing, but in Cabella’s I expect everybody to have a gun under their shirt, and I spot a LOT of them.

  8. Lokidude says:

    Somewhere around here, I have a picture of the door of the local Cabelas. Sign says carry is perfectly cool with them, so long as you keep it holstered. If you’re going to pull it, you have to check it at the door, where they’ll clear it and escort you while you shop. Seems they had a problem with people pulling out loaded carry pieces to test holsters. I’ve actually checked one with them when I was test fitting holsters, and they were entirely cool about it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Some asshole was allegedly doing that at the Galco booth at the NRA con. Pulled out his carry gun and started checking to see how such-and-such gun fit with his LOADED carry gun in a crowded exhibit hall.

      We have idiots on our side too….but if we had as many idiots on our side as they do on theirs there WOULD be blood in the streets. 8)

    • PT says:

      Cabela’s in Dundee Michigan has a sign specifically stating they allow open and concealed carry, and to check / case all firearms coming in for repair, gunsmithing, or holster testing.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      Yeah generally the ‘no loaded guns in gun stores’ is just poorly worded; they mean don’t bring in something that you’ll need to handle that’s still loaded.

  9. Sorry not really that stupid a statement in my neck of the woods.

    (1) Haven’t bought a gun at Walmart in a long time, but a few years ago they would escort you out of the store before handing the gun over to you. This used to be the chains position on the matter, but I’m not sure if it is still the case. Not exactly gun friendly. I’ve heard many shooters say that they won’t buy from Walmart because of that “walk of shame.”

    (2) Every local gun shop in my area has a “don’t bring a loaded gun into the shop” sign out front. It’s generally on a brief list of safety rules. It’s idiot insurance to make sure somebody doesn’t start waving a loaded gun he wants to sell around the shop. Of course everyone that works in the shop is armed. I doubt they would have a problem with a carry gun provided you don’t start handling it like an idiot.

  10. Dave Killion says:

    I open carried my Glock 19 at Home Depot, Safeway and similar big-box stores many times before getting my CHL. It helped that I was a middle-aged white guy, kept myself in reasonable shape, had a military haircut, didn’t act conspicuous or rude (remember, ALWAYS SMILE when OC’ing!), and didn’t look like a total dirt-bag.

    Did they think I was an off-duty/plainclothes cop? Maybe. I wasn’t trying to – it’s just the way I look. When asked I would quickly deny any law-enforcement affiliation.

    Now I conceal-carry (Condition 1) everywhere – including my local gun stores and pawn shops where firearms are sold. Never had a problem.

    Now, if there’s a sign saying “No Guns”, I don’t go in with one since I don’t want to get a “Trespass with a Firearm” conviction on my record. I check the front door of every store I enter for them just to be safe. No sign = no problem.

    If they do have a sign, I generally will also re-evaluate my need for shopping there ever again.

    But guess what? Neither my local Dick’s or my local Fred Meyer have signs.

  11. thirdpower says:

    He has a habit of just making stuff up and assuming it’s true. He claimed the NRA was ‘afraid of its members’ and didn’t allow CCW at the convention.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, I was open carrying at the NRA convention…not just on the floor, but in the Press room where all the NRA Liaisons were. I was hardly alone and they hardly cared.

      But then again Antis only like THEIR brand of “Reality” hence why the only studies they cite are ones they have bought and paid for.

  12. Daniel in Brookline says:

    Given the very real possibility of theft, any gun store that does NOT have armed employees is running a ridiculous risk.

    Heck, on several occasions (while shopping for firearms), I’ve asked the guy waiting on me what he carries. He generally would take it out, clear it, and show it to me. Sometimes he’d venture “yeah, this one is very popular in this store”.

  13. Chuck says:

    My favorite gun store has no sign and I am sure they know I am concealed carrying because I show my CCW permit every time I buy a gun, which saves me from the otherwise mandatory loading, unloading and clearing stoppages lesson and test with the new gun. I recently visited a new gun store that banned loaded guns EXCEPT for law enforcement and those with concealed carry permits. And this is in California!

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