So What Do They Want?

So I just saw this on twitter

In this Exchange Hecate is discussing background checks with Lori O’Neill of NGVAC/Brady Campaign under her twitter account “GunSensus”. Hecate points out that criminals buying guns through private sales is a crime. O’Neill responds with:

Only if they have criminal or other records that prohibit them from possessing guns.

Huh? This is a common disconnect with antis. They frequently mention people like Seung Cho or Jared Laughner when it comes to closing the “Gunshow Loophole” (as do they mention Nidal Haasan when talking about the “Terror Gap”) But Cho and Laughner didn’t have criminal backgrounds, and Dr. Haasan wasn’t on the “Terror Watch List”, and all of them submitted to and passed a background check (Cho twice, waiting a few months between because of Virginia’s One-gun-a-month law) before committing their crimes. All of them had troubled pasts and had given huge amounts of warnings before they attacked….but the legal system took no action.

So they don’t want private sales even for people with clean backgrounds…but these same people will be able to buy guns in shops. So can we take this to imply they simply want to ban all sale of guns?

I’d say that’s fairly consistent with them.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Yep! But they lied about Gun Control after JFK and MLK and RFK were killed; during the 80’s after Reagan; under Clinton in the 90’s after Waco; they are always saying that it won’t affect Hunters or “Reasonable Common Sense Gun Ownership”; they always LIE!

    Frankly, this Crap going into the Fourth Generation is getting old.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is true, I thought I did a post about it a while back. It seems that every major gun control bill was carried on the back of a well publicized tragedy, and the laws passed wouldn’t have effected the criminals they held up to pass the law in the first place.

      Be it the Crew of convicted felon Al Capone who comitted the St. Valentine’s Day massacre with stolen guns and corrupt cops, which was motivated by the illegal trade of alcohol and gambling, which spawned the NFA…to The punks at Columbine who used a girlfriend (who never faced charged) to straw-buy guns, The antis ALWAYS lie and always misrepresent the truth.

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