Where the Truth Lies

I thought I’d trace through the web of lies of the antis and see if we can find a grain of truth. First I’ll start with HR 822. I’ll also pick on the Brady Campaign, because while they are probably the least relevant players these days, still they’ve been around longer than most so we can bounce around and still be talking about the same group of liars.

So Dennis Henigan the acting director of the Brady Campaign talks about his outrage of HR 822

This dreadful piece of legislation – which should be known as the “Packing Heat on Your Street Act” – would force states to recognize the concealed carry permits granted by other states, even if the gun carriers would be ineligible for a permit in the state where the carrying occurs. In fact, the version adopted by the House Judiciary majority last week would allow non-resident concealed carriers to pack heat in states where they were previously ineligible even to possess a gun. So much for states’ rights. Under H.R. 822, the Congress would prevent states from enforcing the restrictions they have deemed necessary for public safety against out-of-state gun carriers.

The operative term from this article is “So much for State’s Rights”. Hmmm Now let’s look at the Brady Campaign’s big accomplishments.
The Brady Bill: A Bill that requires a federal background check on all firearms sales. This was the precursor for the NICS check EVERYBODY has to do to buy a gun from an FFL. If your state thinks its people can be trusted to buy guns without a background check, tough. If your state sees no issue with Jeb’s hardware store selling guns without the need for a federal license. TOUGH.

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban, yep a law that effected Texas as much as it did New York, and Massachusetts. States could be MORE restrictive if they wanted, but they couldn’t be LESS.

The NICS Improvement act, this was also backed by the NRA, but it effected the federal NICS check, and no, your state doesn’t get to “Opt Out”.

Long Gun Reporting
This is not only illegal, but was done AGAINST the will of the states being forced to use it.

And from their website what they’re aiming to do. Banning Private Sales, they want to do this federally.
High Capacity Magazine bans, again, federal, not a state’s rights issue.
Adding the “Terror Watch List” to the NICS denial list, again if these laws go into effect states will have no ability to “Opt Out”.

So they’re talking “State’s Rights” but they really show no prior or current restraint on that issue.

Now Let’s roll back to their last HUGE loss. Heller Vs. DC. The Brady Campaign was on the side of Washington DC, can claimed the 2nd Amendment covered a “Collective Right” and not a right of the individual.

So what “Collective” has this right?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Well if it isn’t “The People” then it must be “The Militia”. But where is the Brady Campaign’s support for Militias? Were they against the Massacre on Ruby Ridge? Hell if the feds didn’t do everything in their power to cook up a case against the Weaver Family, they probably still would be peacefully living up on that mountain.

What about the Waco Massacre? Weren’t they just a citizen Militia, and their right to those aren’t shouldn’t have been questioned?

And today the Brady’s ally CSGV is running an “Insurrectionist Timeline” where all militia-type groups, or those who speak for a citizen militia as “Insurrectionists” and pointing fingers at them as if they’re somehow anti-American.

OK maybe they’re going out on a limb and claiming that the “Militia” spoken about is the “Standing Army” (which was openly discussed in the US Constitution and they aren’t the same…but I’ll play Devil’s Advocate, why not?).

Nope, they are also talking about disarming soldiers too.

So they’re for “State’s Rights”…but they’re known for backing FEDERAL legislation both currently and in the past. Hmmm Also they believed that the 2nd Amendment was a right of the “Collective” not the individual…but the “Collective” is neither a civilian Militia, nor the standing army.

So to the big question: Where is the truth?

The truth is they want to ban guns…and not just SOME guns, but ALL guns.

Is there any other viable solution to their goals?

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Actually, there would be a FEW Guns left Over for the Private Security Guards that the Antis would need (like Michael Moore hired), plus some of the Cops who would be needed, like the Pima County SWAT Team or Canton, Ohio’s P.D., and of course, the ATF would need their….

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