Some Joan Peterson Quotes

She’s a bit more talkative than normal. Been tossing out some gems. First you might have read this one in the comments of one of my last posts:

As to the slanted VPC report, you provided me with a link to a paper written by Clayton Cramer, a well know gun right activist and author in support of gun rights. And he is not slanted? Come on Bryan, you can do better than that.

Yep, a well-written paper by Clayton Cramer is biased and should be ignored, while garbage from Joyce is wonderful! Also neat that she’s quick to drop the bias flag (I don’t blame her, if she read the paper it would make her cry!) We can note that Anti-rights people ONLY cite studies, surveys, and papers written by other people who work for the same groups that they do. Their ideology only exists in a pocket of “reality” that they created for themselves.

From the same thread:

The only agenda the Violence Policy Center has to collect data and write reports about gun violence statistics. They are based on real live incidents and shootings. They don’t have a political agenda any more than Clayton Cramer does. He has an agenda. Are you trying to say he doesn’t? So if someone writes on your side of the issue, they have no agenda? I don’t accept that Bryan. The link you sent is one that accepts research from anyone who wants to submit it. The VPC is reporting on shootings of permit holders. If they shoot themselves in a suicide or a homicide/suicide, it doesn’t then count as someone misusing a gun? You are trying to dismiss the fact that permit holders are not all law abiding. You can’t because the facts speak for themselves. It happens that I trust the VPC more than I trust a gun right advocate who has a clear agenda.


And from this post:

Of course, people should be trained when they carry guns around. You are aware though, that no training is required to buy a gun. Some states require no training for permit holders. That is a major problem, to say the least. Gun ranges are fine. Who needs “tactical” training as if going to war. That is not necessary. The average gun owner is not going to be in situations that require tactical training. Some of you gun guys imagine yourself in situations like that where you will be fighting against your own government on the streets of America. A makeshift gun range in a residential neighborhood is just plain wrong and dangerous. Find places outside of town. Even those have had problems however. In Texas, there was a shooting of a young boy playing basketball on a school’s playground when a bullet from some guys target shooting in a woods nearby ( in a rural area) hit the boy. In my area, several guys were target shooting in the woods when a bullet from one of their guns flew across a major highway and ended up shooting a little girl on her way into her church. These are totally irresponsible and unacceptable. Guns are inherently dangerous and should be treated with the ultimate respect.Too many gun owners are cavalier about this and don’t practice the rules of safety. If even one life is lost as a result, it is one too many.

Now note she puts scare quotes around “Tactical” because she has NO idea what that means…just that its bad. Also note that shooting in residential areas is bad…and shooting in rural areas is bad. But she doesn’t want to ban guns and shooting…no, not at all!

Thanks Joan, you’re great for a laugh! Keep wasting those Joyce Foundation dollars, soon that well will run dry, and you’ll need to find a REAL job!

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  1. Tom says:

    Joan gets paid to write her crap? It’s not even that I disagree with her. She’s really a very poor writer.

    Where Joan also errs is that there’s nothing wrong with having an agenda. An agenda to end slavery is good. An agenda to cure cancer is good. Of course, agendas can be bad, too. Joan has an agenda to prohibit people from having a choice to protect themselves or not. In my opinion, that would be a bad agenda.

  2. Thirdpower says:

    Of course she ‘trusts’ the VPC more because even though they admit to using deception to push a political agenda, they’re saying what she wants/needs to hear to maintain her self-proclaimed status as a ‘victim’.

  3. Bob S. says:

    She asks:

    Are law enforcement officers just plain afraid to deal with the gun guys when they do something wrong for fear of being attacked by them

    Then quotes from the article where several cops go over to interview the gun owner where the round came from.

    If LEOs were afraid to deal with gun guys; why are so many charged with crimes? Why are gun owners arrested?

    Oh..maybe she doesn’t have a frikkin’ clue.

  4. Linoge says:

    I really have to wonder if she has ever been seen by a psychologist / psychiatrist; it would appear as though the overwhelming majority of every conversation she holds actually transpires in her head, in that she says/writes something to someone, and then responds to what she thinks would be the other person’s response. That kind of delusional sock-puppeting is rather like having a conversation with the monsters under the bed, and while it is acceptable behavior for children, it calls into question the overall sanity and level-headedness of adults who honestly employ that kind of tactic in their daily lives (assuming they are not authors, priests, or other such folks for whom such behavior is part of the job).

    Given that Joan does, in fact, own firearms, I remain constantly puzzled that her fellow anti-rights cultists have not held a much-needed intervention for her – they are staunchly against the mentally insane possessing firearms, and yet they have no problems with her and her husband retaining their “street sweepers” and “high-powered sniper rifles”.

    • Tom says:

      I may have missed the evidence that her husband actually owns guns, but she may simply be fabricating gun ownership to give the impression that, hey, real gun owners support her restrictions, too.

      I can’t speak to her mental health, but her posts have a “tantrum” quality to them that seems out of place for an adult.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        I dunno, where I grew up there were a LOT of “Progressives” that fit the Peterson Household model to a T. Husband and wife are both lefties, and don’t much care for guns, nor the 2nd Amendment, but hubby grew up hunting with Dad and Grand-Dad, and likes it. Essentially the same gun owners who supported the AWB in the 90s. They go through a box of ammo once a decade, and inherited all their guns (and might not even know the make and model ie: My rifle? Its a .30-30!), clean them once a year.

        Wife hates the guns, but it isn’t worth a battle to her because he only hunts for a week or two a year, and all other times the guns are unloaded, and locked up, or stashed away. Growing up my Dad had his childhood rifle and shotgun stashed in the house. I still have no idea where he hid them. He’s since given them both away, and they were horribly rusted.

        Essentially they do things that use guns…but guns aren’t a part of their lives, and they know almost nothing about guns.

        Nah I think its real.

        • Tom says:

          Good point. I grew up in a house with a Luger my Dad took off a German officer. My Dad threw the firing pin in the river when he got back to the States. And in the basement was an old Iver Johnson single shot .22 that my grandfather had way back in the ’30s to shoot squirrels off of power stations. He worked for the electric company. Otherwise, guns were something other people might have had, but no one talked about them.

          • Weerd Beard says:

            Yep, I like to kid Texans that I was on a Cruise ship out of Galviston where most of the passengers were from Texas. One night at the bar they found out I lived in Mass and we started talking politics (they were pleased I wasn’t one of THOSE Massholes!)

            We got talking about guns, and there were a few people who were a bit hesitant on my views on the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership…..but even they had a few guns stashed at home.

            Even the anti-gunners in Texas own guns! (State law!)

      • Linoge says:

        I do not have the link handy (Bob S might), but Joan has owned up that her husband owns various hunting arms, which could be nothing more than a boltie with a scope or an over-under, but those terms have been used to describe similar-function firearms in the past.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well given that she does all she can to insulate herself from pro-gun people by not venturing out of anti-gun websites, and blocking 90% of the comments on her page, as well as supporting demonstrably false things like “Blood in the Streets” and “Guns Just Go Off”, and “Guns are unsafe to shoot anywhere at anytime, and self defense is never justified”, her behavior is really a defense mechanism to keep her spurious world view alive.

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