They Saw Us!

So when I originally planned our Candlelight Vigil to Stop Violence I didn’t plan it for us. Granted I think we all had fun taking pictures and seeing how others showed their support, plus the SCOPE of the support. Still fun is just fun, my goals were a little more serious. As always I want to give the fence sitters something to think about, specifically which is more rational, lighting a candle, or having the resolve to defend yourself and others against violence, and wanting to extend that right to anybody who is willing and legal.

Also I wanted the anti-rights people to see us. They are constantly saying the gun industry is dying, and gun ownership, and the belief that the 2nd Amendment means the rights to protect yourself from harm and oppression from enemies foreign and domestic is an unpopular belief.

They are liar, and I want them to look at their own lies. Well they have.

Pro-gun activists found yesterday’s tributes to gun violence victims on 1 yr anniv. of #Tucson to be funny.

No, Ladd, I think lighting a candle is a pointless gesture if that’s the extent of your actions. I too lit a candle…but I also carry a gun, because as North Said: “Please defend yourself with something more than hot wax.”

Look at all the images, visit all the sites, Ladd, we’re the future, and you are the past.

**UPDATE** They Saw us in Seattle Too!

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  1. Ummm….. did any of our blogs actually get read? I don’t think a single one said the anti’s were funny. It seemed to me the theme was that we were wanting to see violence stop as well and were willing to meet it head on if we had to.

  2. North says:

    How many of the “gun violence victims”, had they held a candle, would still be alive today?

    How many of the “gun violence victims”, had they been armed with a gun, would still be alive today?

    Are they pro-victim?

  3. “did any of our blogs actually get read?”

    Here’s what you may have missed. Weer’d ruled Twitter. This is pretty impressive for someone who doesn’t even have a Twitter account.

    What happened is that most of the blogs are set up to Tweet the title of a blog post and a link. Several of us took it upon ourselves to retweet those, adding the #TooManyVictims hashtag. Those of us with mobile Twitter clients, like Tweetdeck and the like, set up a column that showed every #TooManyVictims post. It’s a common thing for events like this to have hashtags. That’s how many people on Twitter follow events with many unrelated people tweeting about the specific event. There had to be 5 to 10 of us who were madly retweeting every one of our Twitter photos and blog links. I think that Linoge was an early starter on that one, but the rest of us jumped in and the snowball happened.

    We ruled that hashtag. Go to Twitter and do a search on #TooManyVictims and see what you come up with. We went into their Twitter “channel” and kicked their asses. They may not have read the posts, but they could not ignore the fact that we were blowing them out of the water.

    No one planned it. Weer’d had no idea that his photo thing would blow up. No one planned the Twitter flashmob on their hashtag, it just happened. We are an Anarcho-syndicalist commune…

  4. MattW says:

    The antis should have come out to thr local Sportsmans Warehouse this last Saturday. You couldn’t even get up to the gun counter there were so many people. Most were buying guns. Mamy of then their first gun. One of the employees said they had 3 guys in the back solely running NICS checks.

  5. LOL Oh I know we got read. I think just mine had like 100 hits. I meant read by any of the anti’s who seem to think we are a bunch of morons out to shoot people. Honestly it makes me sad. I was one of them. Out of fear. Fear of the gun, of the unknown, of the violence I thought it would draw. So we were unarmed when I stood with only a thin wooden door between me and a guy freaking out and shooting his gun off in a rage against our apartment people and the world in general. Honestly I will never know what kept me from opening that door when he started knocking but the SWAT who asked to use our apartment to gain entry to the complex said it very likely saved my life. So we have been armed since. I will not risk us or my kids again.

  6. JSW says:

    Thanks, Weerd- it was fun. Maybe we can do it agian one day! 😀
    Shy III

  7. Critter says:

    innernet comedy gold. 🙂

  8. JSW says:

    Now that I’ve watched the video…
    Interesting to note there were a number of people in attendance who were carrying. Also, ‘CONgressman McDermott’ obviously has either not read, or understands, the Second Amendment. But then, the Brady Bunch prefers ignorance to education, so it’s no surprise.
    Shy III

  9. Kristopher says:

    I do not honor all victims of gun violence.

    Some of those victims of gun violence badly needed to die.

  10. Kristopher says:

    Oh, and Jim McDermit does not have any gun legislation on the table, because he knows that will get him voted out of office … but he will support any other congresscritter who is willing to shove a limb into that meat-grinder.

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  12. Thanks to Weer’d for uniting us in an effort to confuse the anti-rights crowd with the facts!!!

  13. Cargosquid says:

    I don’t remember ANY actual ridicule by the gun bloggers other than scoffing at the idea of candles protecting someone.

    Projecting much, you think?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well given that at the drop of a hat we’re “Wyatt Earp” or “Vigilantes”, or “Judge Jury and Executioner”, or people with small sexual organs, or sick demented people with no respect for human life, et al.

      And of course now the harassment and stalking is starting. It isn’t projecting, its REALITY.

  14. Cargosquid says:

    I dropped our pet delusional a line

    Of course, we DIDN’T mock victims of gun violence. We added OUR vigil and added the fact that one should have the means to defend oneself. From you stance, we could say that you mock and completely disregard victims of ALL other forms of violence, deadly or not, by ONLY including gun victims.

    Of course, you wouldn’t think so. We honor every victim and want everyone to be able to defend themselves. There is no guarantee, only a chance.

    But, since your opinion of gun owners seems to be one of disdain anyway, you automatically jump to the worst possible scenario.

    You completely disregard the concerns of “agirl” and call “WildChildT” a liar.

    But, God forbid, we mention your falsehoods. THAT is considered an attack or a disparagement.

    January 11, 2012 8:07 AM

    Bet it doesn’t get published.

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